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Project Eternity

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Project Eternity : Note for Advisors

Project Eternity is a “We” instead of an I. It is for all of us.

The idea of an advisor is simple – you are passionate about the mission, vision and execution of the project. Look around – do you like the world we live in? Climate change, spooky science, pandemic confusion, stock market highs when millions have no jobs, chaos everywhere… we hope not! Imagine the future of our children if we don’t wake up now and make this a reality.

Change is never easy, thats why we need help from those who can help in any capacity – because they believe in this project.

An advisor is a prestigious position here and commands the highest respect in the organization. You are requested to be an advisor because you have something to contribute, have a specialty and command of a subject and you want to see the project succeed. 

Please scroll down and use the google form to accept the T & C’s ( barely nothing legal) so we can put your bio and credentials on the website here. Thanks for joining!

T & C Form

Please go through the Google Form and accept the T&C’s.

The Google form is embedded into the web page, and it takes 5 minutes to sign up, perhaps even less. Don’t forget to hit “Submit”.

Project Eternity: Mission & Vision

A spiritually advanced, conscious, intellectual, and powerful human civilization beyond borders

 Build a new civilization amongst the 1% who are armed with divine wisdom to lead humanity to the next frontier of independence that restores balance in the world in the Age of Aquarius.


The mission is to build Ecosystem Communities all around the globe that offer a modern yet spiritual experience for generations through ancient wisdom – either through Smart Ashram Townships or through the organized Community of existing spiritual organizations that offer equal quality of life embodying the mission of Live, Work, Explore and Evolve towards the next frontier in the Aquarian Age.

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