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We Transform Leaders, Business and Legacy through Ancient Yogic Wisdom of Alchemy – where Business, Spirituality and Purpose merge as One.

Project Eternity

Live, Work, Innovate and Evolve. Consciously!

Project Eternity

We Disrupt, Teach, Preserve and Apply Spiritual Wisdom to Business, Families and Generations

Project Eternity is a disruptive and new Spiritual Ecosystem Model for the contemporary generation. We are about unconventional, ancient wisdom and the science of spiritual consciousness that is never mainstream. We bring the application side of ancient wisdom to transform business leaders, their business, their families for generations.

We transform, protect and preserve legacy and lineage. We ensure families work together, resolve power conflicts, find well being in spiritual balance and create impact consciously. This is a serious transformational place where we focus on outcomes, wisdom and building intergenerational leaders.

We are about Alchemy – where Business, Technology, Innovation, Family, Health and Spirituality converge to create Purpose and Alignment with Values.

We are a strict “By Donation Model” from Business Families and Corporations. 

Wisdom of the Himalayan Yogis

The Himalayan Yogis transformed Steve Jobs, Julia Roberts, Mark Zuckerberg, and hundreds of world leaders. They have no interest in material wealth, but only spiritual wealth. It is time we bring the same transformational methods to business families and their generations. 

Having only Financial, Wealth, Family Office and Trust Plan – Doesn’t Create Intergenerational Outcomes

Those plans are needed, but they are objective in nature. Intergenerational Legacy & Lineage is about nurturing the subjective. Thats what we do! Project Eternity is non-traditional and futuristic. Built in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas( and the Metaverse too!) Project Eternity will forever be a futuristic ecosystem of technology, business, health, peace, cooperation, and Spiritually Conscious Leadership untouched by race, religion, politics, greed, and transhumanism…Eternally!

Project Eternity: Conscious Design

Where Future Of Living based on Sacred Geometry changes your Consciousness to accelerate your Transformation

Project Eternity puts transformation at the center of everything, including the design of the living spaces. We alter consciousness using ancient wisdom and spirituality that maximizes living quality, cooperation, co-creation, and transformation. The Macro is the same as the Micro.

Spirituality and Business are but One. They are not a dichotomy!

Check out the video.

Project Eternity: Transforming Business Leaders

Your Purpose Transforms You ( Not the Other Way Round )

Humanity has forgotten they have a soul. Business leaders who have been successful need to find their purpose and clarity. The purpose of their soul exists as a sacred contract with the Universe. The ” Purpose ” exists to transform you, your mind, your soul.

You are the center of the experience. Not your purpose.

At Project Eternity, we help you find your purpose, the next direction of your life, the problem that causes the pain, so you are liberated. Until you acknowledge what the Universe is showing you, there is no escape! Until you solve the problem, there is no escape after acknowledging it, as the experiences and issues will keep coming in different ways.

Once you learn the Ancient Wisdom of the Yogis – you become unstoppable!

You need to find your Spiritual Balance. Watch the video!

Sadly, most Business Leaders don’t think like Steve Jobs. They don’t understand the Universal Laws of the Yin-Yang. Your transformation starts there. No one escapes this Law. Know it. Align with it. The Purpose will come. Good luck!

Project Eternity: Transforming Your Business

Your Business Builds You ( Not the Other Way Round )

Project Eternity is built on the philosophy – Your Business comes to you to Transform you. Not the other way round.

There is no dichotomy, separation or division between You, Your Business and Your Purpose.

We teach you esoteric, astrological and mystical wisdom to understand business and technology cycles, and to bring your business to Project Eternity to experience Work-Scale-Life balance to realize your Purpose.

At the end, you find a new YOU!

Project Eternity: Transforming Intergenerational Legacy

Transformational Legacy System that creates Outcomes

Generation Legacy and Leadership is top of mind for Leaders. Not being able to see their children and family succeed hurts everyone. Preserving Wealth and Health through generations is real vision. 

Given the traps that humanity has in front of them now – COVID fear, Health, Mental & Emotional instabilities, Technology addiction and Generational changes, Business Leaders need a system they can depend on. 

Project Eternity takes the Legacy models propounded by the world renowned Mr. James E. Hughes and executes them into actionable items that creates tangible outcomes through a Yogic System that has stood the test of time. 

Watch this 6 minute video about the challenges with the current generation. Worth every bit of time.

Project Eternity : How We Transform

Transformation Programs – a glimpse

Project Eternity brings the power of Science and Spirituality together. Everything – Mind, Body, Spirit, Mysticism, Esoterism, Mathematics, Physics, Astrology, Astronomy, Science of Quantum Physics, Yoga, Medicine etc together. 

Please go through the video to familiarize with the program structure.

Project Eternity: Transforming Health

Health – Unconventional, Holistic, Intentional, Non-Invasive, Ancient and Organic

The Four mountains of Project Eternity is the home of 1700 herbs from Ayurveda, and these are only found in the Himalayan region. These herbs heal nearly any DNA, organ, body and energy imbalance. On top of that we use Magnetic and Implosive Physics based devices that heal the energy/aura and that ground electrical discharges. Everything here is organic, with no pesticide or chemicals. We also use sound and light therapies that heal the body.

Take a look at the short videos for a glimpse. We will never divulge the details of health on our website. None of our products/medicine will be available outside Eternity. Sorry, we will never sell our products! What is made here, stays here!

The video below explains healing through touch and intent called QIMT

Technology and Physics based health

This video shows the technology we use is unconventional and usually not found in Western Science. Here is a short video. As the world moves towards Transhumanism, Project Eternity moves towards Quantum and Energy healing that integrates rather than divides – in stark opposition to Newtonian mechanics.

You perhaps don’t believe in these Technologies, the video below will help!

The Himalayan Yogis usually live for 150+ years or more. Most of them leave the body willfully because they believe their work on the planet is over. None of these Yogis eat or drink, and they haven’t for over a century. They can heal people with touch or just a zap. Naturally, the Himalayan Yogis will never advertise these elements to the public and keep the knowledge under lock and key. The real thing is using the “Chi”, the “Spirit”, the “Ether” and the energy of the Sun/Moon. 

While the video below is not from the Himalayan Yogis (sorry, they won’t allow anyone to film them) it explains the possibilities. Sadly, the world has forgotten these elements.

Try this out!

Michael Lamb – leading Intentional and Quantum healer provides this 1 hour of intentional healing for you.

Plug in your headphones, sit comfortably, close your eyes, switch off your phones and heal. If you have a sleep problem, you will fall asleep automatically!

Project Eternity: What We Do is Alchemy!

Yin and Yang combine here, and there is no “Separation”

Project Eternity – is a Live, Work, Innovate and Evolve model for Business Leaders, Visionaries, and their families, including children. Business families apply their innovation at Project Eternity and help scale (or solve) their invention/innovation/ideation working with diverse businesses, leaders, and members on site.

While doing so, Project Eternity Himalayan Yogis and adepts transform your inner consciousness every day with a customized step-by-step model with an as-far-you-can go approach. This inside-out transformation that merges your “Outer You” and “Inner You” is where West and East come together. This esoteric, spiritual, and business amalgamation profoundly transforms the individual and their families and is known as the Principle of Alchemy. Experiencing this transformation for a few weeks to a few months create habits, which they apply to their Business and Personal life every day.

Futuristic. Powerful. Transformational. Exceptional. Intergenerational

Project Eternity is unique. There is no mumbo-jumbo of false spirituality here, and neither is dichotomy or separation from the whole ecosystem. We follow up with each Business Leader, their family/relationships, and children every month. It is a relationship that lasts generation after generation. Our transformational model evolves with generational cycles, business, technology, and culture.

That is why Project Eternity brings paradigm shifts through transformational changes to Business families. They go on to propagate these changes in their organization and relationships.

Project Eternity: Our Mission

Success and Wealth is Elusive. Continuing it and Keeping it requires Spiritual Balance

Thousands of Individuals, entrepreneurs and business families are exceptionally successful at building wealth yet lose it all because of the lack of inner peace and purpose. They have lost their relationships, friends, families, and children. Many committed suicides, turned to narcotics, and even went to prison! Only the wealthy know – the hardest part of being wealthy is to keep it and through generations. Only a few succeed!

The Mission of Project Eternity is to transform leaders of the world, so they find balance – Mind, Body, Spirit, Business, Family and Relationships, to co-create a better world, inside them and the world outside of them, for generations.

Project Eternity preserves Spiritual Knowledge and Ancient Wisdom – for Generations

Spirituality and Consciousness is declining. In decades to come, new generations who adopt technology first will lose the essence of spiritual wisdom that has been passed through generations. Preservation and democratization of the true spiritual knowledge, mysticism, quantum consciousness, and Yogic wisdom will be the mission, in it’s unpolluted form. In addition, we revive the knowledge of plant, astro-sciences, bio-resonance, bio-magnetic and bio-electrical health through it’s preservation.

The Project Eternity mission to help Generations become Leaders.

The World changes when we transform Leaders and Visionaries with Spirituality at the core.

Project Eternity is the Intergenerational System where every person experience Business, Work, Family, new Relationships, Diversity, Intellect, Community, Spirituality, Ancient Wisdom, Humanity and Quantum Consciousness – in the pristine foothills of the Himalayas as a way of life in the Age of Aquarius.

Project Eternity: Who We Cater To and Why?

We Only Cater To Leaders, Visionaries, Innovators, Business Families and their Generations – Who Change The World

Project Eternity is strict “by-invite-only” model and is also by “donation-only-model” where everyone contributes to an ecosystem, ecovillage, and rural community thus everyone benefits from it, and for generations. Business families and Organizations who work together in the mainstream world, now contribute resources together for Project Eternity, which will forever be a non-mainstream model, to support themselves and their intergenerational legacy. Their continued support keep the environment safe, simple and ready at all times.

Future Of Living Template that lasts for Generations

The Project Eternity experiential system is a “Future-Of-Living” template that is forever preserved. It encompasses life style, entrepreneurship, networking, heartfelt cooperation and innovation combined with spirituality, consciousness and ancient mystical teachings in a peaceful, simple, free-flowing, healing, far from the hustle-bustle of the cities in an environment that is in pristine nature.

Those who contribute to the project have access to the system for generations. Yes, generations.  Project Eternity also preserves the legacy and messages from business families to their generations in virtual and physical form to remind them about their journey and lineage.

Project Eternity focuses on paradigm shifts and substantial changes for the future of the world that impacts billions of people,  and thats why Project Eternity transforms Business Leaders, Organizations, their Families, and Generations with a spiritual and conscious leadership system that makes the World a better place for generations. 

Project Eternity: The World Needs It

A Collapsing Civilization!

Take a general look at our eroding values, growing lack of spirituality, our forgotten roots and culture, expanding financial debt, misaligned laws, dumbed-down education, and the list carries on. Our thirst for Money, Power, and self-gratification has brought us to the brink of a collapse! We are all to blame, and we need to make it right!

On Your Death Bed – What Would Be Your Regrets?

Will it be more Money? Fame? More Business Activity? More travel to clinch the next deal? Save more Money? Invest more Money? Fear of Missing Out? Chase, the next Success route to business on your death bed?

What Are You Leaving Behind For Your Children and For Generations to Come?

This time it is truly different! The ancient leadership models, Intergenerational Leadership and Wealth transfer, don’t work. Successful leaders leave behind Wealth and Values, but that is not enough.

 For a COVID-struck generation, love and proper mental and emotional health do not appear in succession and legacy plans. Money will never buy it, and neither will business values. When the earth and oceans are devoid of living flora and fauna, and the food is grown in labs, will you have regrets that you could have done something better and you didn’t?

If you were to watch a hundred years ahead and watch the World, your children, their generations, family and friends, their challenges – would you still do what you are doing?

Did you make the World a little better than how you found it? If your children asked the question, would you say “Yes”? Would you say, “I wish I could have done more?”.

Project Eternity transforms Business Leaders, their Families, and Generations with a spiritual and conscious leadership system that makes the World a better place for generations. 

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