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Wisdom of Spiritual Consciousness in the Age of AI. 

Applied for Business, Families, Innovation & Legacy

Project Eternity

A Visionary Human Experience & Evolution Company

Evolution|Age of AI

Humanity: At The Biggest Crossroads Of Time

Technology Evolution is “Exponential”, but Human Evolution is “Linear”. Technology is a great slave, but a very bad master!

We are stepping into a revolutionary epoch of exponential change brought about by Technology and Transhumanism.  Evolution is the only way out! If we don’t evolve higher now as a collective, we will repeat and multiply the same mistakes of the past.

Exactly why we created Project Eternity! Wisdom of Spiritual Consciousness in the Age of AI.

Project Eternity

Intergenerational Applied Spiritual Wisdom In The Age of AI

Project Eternity converges Science, wisdom of Spiritual Consciousness and the wisdom from Ancient Civilizations, i.e. wisdom from a highly evolved human civilization that built inimitable temples for us to explore, decode, apply and evolve higher.

Thats why we are about Oneness, Balance, Higher Evolution & Human Experience in the Age of AI.

Our current siloed spiritual knowledge model seldom has any application in our daily lives, business, human dynamics, or evolution – if it did, our world would have been different! As we enter the Age of AI, only those models that create a quantum leap for human consciousness matter. 

Project Eternity is a revolutionary & rebellious model based on application of synthesized wisdom from silo’s to solve problems, so we can evolve higher and coexist with AI, Automation and Technocracy.

How We|Create Impact

System of Wealth Needs A System Of Spiritual Wisdom

One can have Wealth, Power and Influence – but no Prosperity! Legacy & Prosperity can only be achieved when we align with the Wisdom and Cycles of Consciousness.

First, we educate AI/Tech companies about the vast wisdom of Consciousness. AI is simply a simulacra, a copy of the original, and can never be sentient or conscious. We also educate these companies about Spiritual Objectivity/Subjectivity, fulfillment and Innovation of the future using spiritual wisdom.

Second, we solve problems for those with Wealth, Power & Influence and strategize their “Prosperity” strategy. We plan intergenerational legacy, philanthropy and succession. We educate the family, their business leaders and key stakeholders about aligning investments, major events, collective psyche and decisions based on Cycles. 

Third, we ensure, their System of Wealth, Power & Influence is balanced by the System of Spiritual Wisdom in the Age of AI. We also ensure it is preserved and passed down through generations.


E8 Crystal Lattice on Temple Ceiling

Our Ancient Ancestors coded Evolutionary wisdom in temples 30,000 -100,000 years back. The video on the right shows an exact match with the ceiling of an ancient Indian Temple. An E8 Crystal Lattice is an 8 Dimensional Vector that defines the structure of  an Atom and the Universe! Imagine a race of human beings who knew what we are knowing now. 


Temple Built On The Structure of 4D Hypercube

Watch the 1 minute video on the left. The entire temple is built based on the points/vertices on the domes connecting the 4D Universal Consciousness Energy that flows into the 3 Dimensions. 

However, the code that lies inside the temple, is even more fascinating! It shows how to harness the energy of constellations through our DNA. Yes!

Project Eternity|What We Offer

Solving Evolutionary Problems in the Age of AI

We solve problems of the External and Internal world so we can evolve higher and live fulfilled lives.

Spiritual Wisdom of Consciousness is the least studied wisdom, and the most important. It is based on the energy flow of cycles and dynamic energy exchange of our thoughts, feelings and actions. These Universal principles have certain laws/orders and is applicable to anything! Yes – anything including Business(including employees, Succession & C Suite/ Managers Hiring), Product Innovation, Technology, Business Family Dynamics, Industry, Investments, Psychology, Emotional Health, Legacy etc.

We bring methods, processes, wisdom, awareness, laws and application of Consciousness to life. After all – our “Internal” and “External” worlds are just but One! Separation has always been the problem.

Outcome – Predictability, Accuracy & Alignment without a single point of failure. Our offerings and details are below.

6 Minute Video: What We Offer

Applied Spirituality| Our Framework

Our Framework of Evolution & Human Experience is Based on Consciousness Energy & Cycles

Our Framework is Complex. To us, not to the customer!

It is exhaustive, has no single point of failure. It is based on Objectivity from Subjectivity. The human mind cannot understand Subjectivity, the human heart and Solar Plexus can. However, real Evolution happens when both Objectivity and Subjectivity are perceived and in balance. This balance is the Human Experience! It is not static, but dynamic. It also brings in the Laws of Karma and Cycles of Prosperity.

It delivers results. As long we have the right problem, and there is a spiritual consciousness aspect to it, we can solve it. 

There is one last secret sauce

Pedagogy and Discourse is the secret! That is what makes the whole model work. It ensures we tie every thread together.

Enjoy the video of our framework: 2 minutes.

Project Eternity| Mission,Vision & Action

Your Purpose Builds You


To be the global Applied System of Evolutionary Intergenerational Spiritual Wisdom based on Universal Consciousness – original, well preserved, decoded, experiential, impactful, convergent, aligned, applied and synthesized – to create higher evolution & prosperity at the core.


A powerful and sovereign humanity with a balance of higher self awareness, technology innovation and compassion – with responsible legacy of love, just like our ancestors who left their advanced evolutionary wisdom in temples that have stood the test of time.


Build an exceptional partner and influential customer ecosystem of families who believe in the mission of intergenerational legacy, higher evolution through Consciousness and it’s alignment to create prosperity and well being as an inseparable family.

Action ( Phase I, Phase II & Phase III)

Phase I : We bring applied, innovative and convergent wisdom of Consciousness as an ecosystem to proactively and predictably solve evolutionary, personal, familial, relationship, legacy and professional problems – for Corporate Businesses, influential families & innovators.

Phase II: Extend and augment what we learned in Phase I for 3(three) years with an extended stay, pristinely built and elegantly styled natural resort to be immersed in deep application of spiritual wisdom of Tantra to create an exceptional transformational spiritual experience for families/couples in areas they want to evolve higher. 

While the videos of what is planned are below, we keep best for the last – i.e. Phase III. Scroll down!

Phase III : City of Consciousness – Eternity! Imagine a city built on the original convergent wisdom of Consciousness. The perfect geometry, the perfect sound, the perfect food, the perfect music, the perfect living place to name a few elements, where families mingle, share experiences, unravel mysteries and deeply experience what an exceptional civilization can be when we evolve in the right way. The whole city is based on AI, so there are no chores! This will be a way of life. Just being in their own Being. An experience to die for!

Creation of a place such as this is necessary for Business Families to experience a highly conscious and hi-tech way of living and co-existence of the future. This is how Intergenerational legacy is protected, preserved and consciously unraveled.

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