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Project Eternity

An Experiential Spiritual Ecosystem. For an Exclusive Community. Applied for a New World.

We disrupt the way leaders, their business and families experience, apply & self-actualize deep spiritual wisdom that was left to us as a “hidden code” from the Ancients – i.e. Mysticism, Esoterism, Tantra & Intimacy, Hermeticism, Alchemy, Science, Spiritual & Quantum Physics, Ayurveda and Astrosciences.

We help you experience this deep spiritual wisdom of the Soul, which is never taught conventionally. All in it’s purest form, in pristine nature of the Himalayas, within an exceptional spiritual community untouched by pollution, war, politics or calamity.

We Transform Leaders, Business and Legacy through Ancient Yogic Wisdom of Alchemy – where Business, Spirituality and Purpose merge as One.

Project Eternity

Live, Work, Transform and Evolve. Consciously!

An Eternal Experience

Experience is the Real Wisdom!

We take Spiritual Science ( from mumbo-jumbo and bookish stuff) to an entirely new level, and then bind it with gamification to create an immersive eclectic experience for our stakeholders. Every bit of learning here is thus an applied learning! We connect all the dots between spiritual wisdom and how you see life in general, create new habits and help you apply it – to yourself, your business, values and lineage. Needless to say, you will also live here(for a short time), work, serve, innovate, network, and evolve consciously.

We create outcomes. For generations. It takes immense effort from our side to deliver that. Thats why, we are exclusive! 

Who creates the experience?

Eternity 100 members – an exceptional community that is responsible for preserving all spiritual, health and scientific knowledge, help create this experience. We don’t cater more than 20 families a month, to ensure the quality of exceptional experience.

We specialize – we don’t generalize!

We aspire to be #1 in certain areas of application of our spiritual wisdom. Generalization, doesn’t solve problems! If it did, everyone would have solved their problems and lived happily ever after.

The areas we specialize are – Rising Generation Leadership, Business and Purpose, Family, Feuds & Communication, and finally the most needed, yet the least taught – Love & Intimacy. You will find purpose, peace, love, peer friendship, mentorship, the ability to change lives of communities and ecosystems, wake up and see the Himalayas, bask in the beauty of nature and find yourself in the silence of the divine.


Everything is confidential – including the location is at a very secure/safe place untouched by craziness. The plants that we use to build medicine, the Tantric/Esoteric knowledge, the knowledge of families and their problems, our gamification models…everything is forever confidential. Thats why we have no interest except helping 100 Families every year, forever!

Conscious Design & Experience

We bring Consciousness to a different level – so you advance faster

Project Eternity puts conscious design at the center of everything, decoded from the ancient knowledge of Macrocosm/Microcosm, Astrosciences and Sacred Geometry. Every experience here is designed to expand and align your consciousness as One, and that even includes the living spaces. Check out the 5 minute presentation below for the big vision, although initially we will start with a smaller version or Phase 1.

Spirituality, your Purpose and Business are but One. There is never a dichotomy!

Check out the video.

Exploring: Project Eternity Website

Exploring The Website

Explore: Eternity – has the details of our final phase of Project Eternity and the Conscious design

Explore: Transformation – Check out how we transform the Rising Generation, Leaders, Business and Legacy/Lineage. Our videos have a wealth of information. We democratize what we teach so you are clear. How we teach and create the experience is forever confidential.

Explore: NFT – are NFT’s for the project, and clearly we have a solid plan in mind.

Eternity 100 Members – Only for the very select few that believes in the Community model of Eternity

Project Eternity: Strictly By Invite Only!

We Cater To Leaders, Visionaries, Innovators, Business Families and their Generations – Who Change The World by Passionately making a Difference!

Project Eternity model is different and unconventional.  We are strict “by-invite-only” and by “donation-only-model“. Everyone (Customers & Members) contributes to a spiritual ecosystem and surrounding rural community, thus benefiting from the ecosystem for generations. Example – business families and organizations who work together in the mainstream world, now contribute resources together at Project Eternity( which will forever be a non-mainstream model) to support themselves and their intergenerational legacy.

Everyone wins! Everything is balanced, preserved and in harmony.

Why Exclusivity?

We believe in business excellence and also spiritual excellence. We focus on deep wisdom, unconventional eclectic knowledge and harmonic balance that creates substantial impact for stakeholders including the future of humanity. This isn’t for everyone – simply because majority of humanity cannot accept new ideas, do not seek wisdom and live in the figment of their own minds. Neither can this ecosystem scale easily because cooperation requires trust and spirituality at the core, and only a few people appreciate the big impact a model like this can create for generations. Finally, Project Eternity does require resources, but earning a profit and chasing money will never be and cannot be the goal. It’s wisdom, peace, balance, love, spiritual and cosmic consciousness that moves humanity towards the next evolution. This is the foundation we create for generations for their future…eternally!

What can you expect?

Everything that we do here is designed for an exclusive community to create an exceptional Spiritual experience that will transform you, your business and lineage. We are unconventional, innovative, tech savvy, rebellious, passionate, futuristic, impactful and don’t have any greed to fill our pockets with money or create followers. Project Eternity will forever be an Eternal place for a select leader community to thrive, transform, impact the world, self-actualize and be you – for generations!

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