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Project Eternity: Legacy & Leadership

Disrupting : Conventional Legacy & Lineage Strategy

Legacy and Lineage is hard to keep. Shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in three generations is a common occurrence! How long do you think your business will run if you are not at the helm of affairs? Why should one expect anything different with the affairs of legacy?

When you have money, fame, power and opulence – one will always attract wealth managers and sweet-talkers. Yet, the secret of real legacy and lineage is well being, individuation, integrity and self-actualization. 

Project Eternity offers that Intergenerational System in a forever incorruptible environment, with no influence of race, religion, caste, creed, status, and gender, in the most conscious, spiritual, confidential and intellectual environment on the planet that solves this problem.

Project Eternity has no other interest. We will never serve more than 100 families. The Gurus and Yogis have no interest in your money or followership. Money alone will never buy a seat here! We are not not for sale. Our agenda is to be the best place of pure spiritual, esoteric, mystical and tantric wisdom and exceptional experience of human transformation.

A System that helps Legacy and Lineage Blossom!

Project Eternity

Aligning Mission, Vision, Values, Business and Wealth

Project Eternity: The Model

The Project Eternity Intergenerational System: James E. Hughes Model in action

We follow James E. Hughes model, philosophy, ideals, and strategies at Project Eternity because it is based on timeless ancient Yogic wisdom, spirituality, self-awareness, and individuation. This makes the model visionary, spiritually balanced, and focused on the holistic “well-being” of the individual – i.e. your lineage.

Well being should be the ultimate goal in legacy and lineage. Project Eternity has the same goal and vision!

 Project Eternity makes the strategies actionable, experiential, repeatable, win-win-win, holistic, and ensures exceptional outcomes without expecting any return in wealth, power, or fame.

Next Steps: Video: The Model

The video below explains our actionable model. The rest of the videos below (Please scroll) dives into details of our program and model. 

Rising Generation:  A Severe Crisis Ahead

Why the Post COVID generation need Spiritual Transformation?

The current COVID generation suffer from generational trauma. Mental health, disconnectedness, fear of dying, and being vectors of disease create an undeveloped personality. The consequent technology addiction, their unique communication style, and the prevalence of gender-fluid messaging have created a weak and perhaps confused core.

They are on the cusp of radical change. Everything is changing – education, business models, technology, finance, culture, geopolitical, etc. While the rising generation is brilliant and have their quirkiness, they are severely left-brained, creating spiritual imbalance.

This generation needs wisdom as they are swimming in information. Only then can the families keep legacy and lineage intact and see it blossom.

Project Eternity is perhaps the only way, but based on the wisdom of the ancients. The solution lies in spiritual wisdom and individuation.

The 5 minute video explores the challenges, and the solutions! It truly is a spiritual problem and only Project Eternity addresses this problem.

Actionable Legacy: The System

How we Transform Generations: The System

This 30 minute video explains the details of the Project Eternity System that transforms generations. The reason for a detailed video is to bring clarity and openness for those who are interested. If you can’t invest 30 minutes to understand what your generations will do here, we don’t believe you will trust us to help your generations. 

When generations graduate from this program, they are ready to take on the world as leaders in their own way. Armed with Business, Technology, Ancient Wisdom, Spirituality and Consciousness at the core, they will find their purpose and give life a meaning. Just what most families want.

How we ensure outcomes is in the video below

Project Eternity: Ancient Wisdom in Action

Transforming Intergenerational Leadership with Spiritual Wisdom of Alchemy

Everything we do at Project Eternity is based on Consciousness and Alchemy.

Project Eternity is Conscious Design. Everything is about energy. Everything is about spiritual physics. It is all about the spiritual experience of the Soul. There is no mumbo-jumbo. There is racism, no color, no mainstream politics, no big agendas except transforming the soul, no bias, no religion, no class and no dogma.

This is a template of a futuristic civilization of highly conscious intellectual leaders who work together to transform each other and themselves. Working together without judgment is true spirituality in action!

The Video

The entire map of Project Eternity is below

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