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Project Eternity | Transformation

Explore The Transformation: All Areas

Applied Spiritual Wisdom for Prosperity

We transform businesses, business families and innovators – by building and aligning the Internal spiritual wisdom of Conscious with their External world of business, relationships, psyche, aspirations and purpose.

We solve Strategic problems, as a team. We deliver solutions that are more predictable, accurate and aligned.

The Power Of  Spiritual Transformation: All Areas

Project Eternity

Prosperity,Predictability, Accuracy and Alignment

How|We Transform

Solutions Without A Single Point of Failure.

Predictable. Accurate. Aligned!

We use the Power of 3 in any strategic activity, like a triangle. Three (3) professionals work on one strategic problem to connect dots from different directions/perspectives.

The answer is always at the center of the triangle!

Alignment is key.  One needs to finally resonate with the rhythms of the Universe, so does your business, your family, your aspirations and purpose, your external-internal worlds and finally your choices!

Browse the areas below!

Transformation | Areas 

Family, Business & You

We shape strategic transformation in three areas that encompass our Internal and External worlds i.e. Family, Business and You. Our area of work is Spiritual, Emotional, Psychological and about flow of Consciousness. We collaborate with all other professionals that already serve the family, to create convergence.

We just don’t deliver a strategic map that sits in an office, computer or closet. We execute tirelessly and deliver outcomes! However, we bring you an exceptional experience in the process and deliver with elegance.

Family | Transformation 


Building a Legacy strategy is complex.

We create a holistic system that align with mission, vision, real & perceived values, philanthropy, future business cycles, psyche, and ancestry. 

Finally, we align everything with the Cycles of Consciousness.

Final result is a Dynamic System that flows and coexists with your financial, legal and lineage strategies.


Succession Strategy is based on Time Cycles,  Consciousness cycles, personal Astro-energies, synastry and DNA signature – an accurate and proven process of subjectivity.

Finally, aligning it with the environment – culture, business, individual & org dynamics and business plan.

Succession is a heavy Zero Sum Game and needs to have a Family Dynamic System Map and its application.


Dynamics is a highly correlative and subjective activity. First, we build Maps of individual subjective energies – i.e. DNA energy, Psyche, Ancestry, Astro signature, Purpose etc.

Second, we link/correlate these objective maps to understand how one gives/takes energy.

Finally, we communicate and work along with you to ensure the system is adopted and habits are created.


We build the most imporant, and the least understood subject – Love & Power using DNA, Ancestry and Astroenergies.

First, we develop a Power Dynamics Map – Perception, Acquisition, Discharge & Flow.

Second, discover the Map of Love – Definition, Subjective & Objective, a map of Care.

Correlating the maps, creates the final blue print!


We build actionable plans and proper due diligence to build/execute a Philanthropic and Charitable strategy. 

Philanthropy is a karmic activity. Charity is not. The difference between the former and latter is – intent. Where intent goes, energy goes, karma follows.

Actionable philanthropy is to build a Spiritual System for current and future generations aligned with Astro-cycles


While no one can predict marriage/divorce, one can most certainly find the compatibility and sometimes the intent of individuals involved through Psychological and Archetypal Astro-cycles.

Having a look at the celestial energies, past and future cycles provide deeper insight and can prevent family feuds, wealth division, trauma and set the right expectations. Every cause, has an effect!


Most business families live the patterns and sometimes the repeatable lives of their ancestors – albeit unconsciously!

Carl Jung explains clearly that we live in myths, and these myths are inside of us, and they are influenced by our ancestry.

We help you understand the patterns, repeating myths and find solutions where needed.


Sounds a lot strange, but most of the time, we do not know “ourselves” clearly. We bring you into the depth of who you are by helping you understand your energy signature.

People in business families have “labels” and “expectations” from childhood. We help you free yourself from them.

We help you re-discover yourself!


At some point, families grow tired of the experiences in the external world. As a family or individually, they feel empty, and a darkness prevails.

This is the time when families need to understand how Consciousness expresses itself through the Ancestry & DNA.

We not only educate families, but also accompany them as a guide on pilgrimages to sacred sites and cathartic experiences.


The mind vacillates, but the heart always has a unified feeling. The mind takes, the heart gives.

Solitude is the only way one can hear oneself. Being alone, and in pristine nature – opens our heart and allows us to listen to our “gut” feeling.

Only when one operates through the heart, can one be authentic and consequently execute through integrity.


Business families who have wealth and power in adundance, sometimes do not tap into the unconscious, which is the source of infinite power!

Not being able to make peace with their own shadows, creates pain and is the root of the lack of fulfillment.

We assist facing your own shadows to open a multi-dimensional self awareness.


Sharing with a “confidant” who can relate, understand, empathize and assure acceptance without judgment and in confidence is absent in wealthy business families.

Sadly, that is an inconvenient truth – because wealth always attracts enemies, opportunists and backstabbers.

Thats where we come in. You are accepted as our family without any conditions.

Business | Transformation 


How will the Age of AI shape business, specifically – Industries, Communication, Family Dynamics, Team Work, Employees, Legal, Finance and Existence.

Transformation: Applications, Cultural, Organizational Heirarchy, Competiveness, Product & Service Innovation and finally Alignment!


Energy dynamics encompass: Relationships, Choice and clarity of Action. The result is an ecosystem “effect” .

It is fundamental to align energy dynamics with the rhythms of people, process, technology and Consciousness.

Prosperity evolves based on the Karmic cycles.


Industry Investment Map and Astroscience Correlation.

Long: Buy & Sell Cycles and Astroscience Correlation.

Family Investment & Liquidation Cycles correlation with Astroscience

Intergenerational Alignment of Liquidation Cycles


Weekly & Monthly Personal & Business Risk Cycles

4 Yearly Personal & Business Risk Cycles

Family Risk Cycles

Ancestral Pattern & Family Risk Cycles

Multi-generational Risk Cycles


Product Innovation & Product Innovation Cycles

Organization Change Management and Organization Process Management

Organization Constellation Map and Energy Flow.


C – Level Recruitment

C-Level Communication Dynamics & Collaboration

C-Level Risk Cycles and Transmutation

Promotional & Broadcasting Cycles


Rising Generation aspirational dynamics, resume, skills & project experience, mission, purpose & Ikigai map.

Generational priorities, communication and psyche understanding.

Generation Ikigai Map


Hiring based on Objective & Subjective: Astrosciences

Current & Long Term: Talent and Potential Analysis via Astrosciences

Managerial: Loyalty Analysis

Communication, Culture & Rewards


Deep Analysis of Astro Chart and Archetypes

Education of Cycles and Transmuting energies

Communication, Style and Weakness Management

Aspirations, Outcome and Rewards correlation


Board Selection based on Astroscience

Astro based Board Dynamics and Loyalty Analysis

Board Meetings and Conflicts Resolution based on Archetypes

Meeting/Time Cycles


Startup Innovation or Exit Strategies : Product, GTM & Cycles of Consciousness

Market & Ecosystems

Astrobased Go To Market and Scale

Co-Founder Selection & Compatibility


Spiritual Dynamics of Mergers, Acquisitions, Divestitures and Spin-offs

Time Windows of Close based on cycles of Consciousness

Reshuffling of Positions of Power and Dynamics

Compatibility Analysis

You | Transformation 


We use the power of Cycles of Consciousness, Astrosciences and power of Psychics to predict the cycles of depression.

We also help you realize and manage these cycles to ensure you understand how the energy flows through you and is asking for you to change!


There are certain moments, which accelerate your innovation and creativity. These cycles are very predictable, and so are the results and outcomes.

We help you prepare for these cycles, and put the requisite effort to transmute energy to produce outcomes.


Sexuality, Sensuality and Procreation have certain cycles, which are predictable.

Helping you understand the periods, increases the chance of conception, without ever going for IVF therapy.

With  the practice of Tantra, we accelerate these cycles.


Everyone goes through problems they can’t control. They just happen, out of the blue.

Some key elements are : Relationship, Disgrace, Personal Effort, Investments & Health. 

We help you prepare!


The Universe operates based on Case-Effect, and thats why the Karmic cycles are fundamental to understand. They repeat, until acknowledged.

We map these cycles, and help you navigate the changes day-by-day and  week-by-week.


Finding Love in ones heart also goes through certain cycles. One needs to focus on these cycles and also need to transmute their energy to find it, work with it, rekindle it or discover it. 

We help you understand these cycles and prepare for it.


Partnerships need to be built on the cycles of energy, that coincide with the energies of the partners.

There are specific cycles for business and personal, and one needs harness not only the cycles, but the exact timing of the cycles.


Addressing Ancestral patterns is a key element in successful business families.

98% of our DNA contains the myths and archetypes of the unconscious patterns of the bloodline, as a result, business families live the lives of their ancestors.


The rising generation are brilliant, however they are more interested in “things” instead of “people”.

We educate the Rising Generations about the wisdom of consciousness, to ensure they are aligned with disrupting future markets.


Students have access to the best teachers and coaches, but we take experience to a different level to ensure. Students do futuristic hands-own projects, to solve problems and even file for patents.

This helps them elevate and differentiate for admission.


Rising Generations are Innovation/Technology first mindset, and they will experience the stillness and Oneness in sacred spaces & temples through world travel.

Only sacred spaces offer Oneness, an experience critical for Innovation.


At some point, one needs to go through immense solitude and self reflection during the change of cycles.

One needs to find their “authentic self” and have deep conversations with it. We offer and entire experience at sites under guidance.

Consciousness | Wisdom 


Why would our ancient ancestors build temples? Why do they have specific architectures? What was the purpose of such temples? Why should one visit them? How can it help you?

The answer is mind blowing! 

Ancient temples are quantum devices built on hypercube physics connecting Cosmic energies and our DNA


The language of Cosmic Consciousness and the forces of Applied Spiritual Consciousness – is Geometry.

Why were Newton, Plato, Keplar, Descartes and other stalwarts obssessed with Geometry of the Heavens?

Understanding Geometry immediately helps us understands the forces of Consciousness flowing within us. We simply apply it!


Business families will need to adopt the Spiritual practice of Tantra. This practice is incorrectly promoted as a sexual philosophy. 

Tantra has the ability to heighten senses and the energy in the body. It turns on the energies to experience the male and female energies inside the body. Once finally understood and accepted, physical relationships immediately improve.


5% of Tantra teaches the application of sensuality. The rest is all about our Psyche, Cosmic energies,  Sound/Vibrations, Geometry, and finally the powers of the DNA and energy meridiens. 

Tantra has always been about building Power, but from inside. No doubt, this immense spiritual wisdom was nearly obliterated post the invasions.

However we have decoded and revived a significant portion of it, that can be applied to business and families. 


The Sun integrates and nourishes every living being. The light, triggers the energy systems in our DNA/Mitochondria. Finally, it aligns the energy meridiens and our bio-magnetic fields, prolonging life.

We have Yogi’s who have pioneered this art and science, and have developed “10 minute a day” meditative methods, which are proven and exceptionally effective.

We bring this discipline and practice to business families and executives, who are always pressed for time. 


The body really is an exceptional device, through which, Consciousness energy expresses itself.

Imagine the torture it goes through with what we feed it – and it stays resilient!

We teach you the art of the flow of energies through proven martial arts, multiple Indian models of Yoga and deep meditation techniques that work for you, the family and the business.

The business, family and You are One! 


Only Humans think they are separate from the Universe. Thats why despite our technological progress, we are unhappy and unfulfilled species.

Prosperity and true Legacy is created when we understand The Universal Laws of the Universe, and is found in Hermetic Philosophies.

We bring decoded wisdom and the Laws that are applicable to everything – including the Business, Family and Yourself.


Peace and our Psyche are connected. Our external world is a reflection of the world inside us. The Yin & Yang, a Universal law always prevails.

Consciousness expresses itself as the world inside of us through the DNA, and the same mimics the External world created by Consciousness. Both are one and the same.

We bring you the wisdom of the Psyche, the Anima and power of Darkness to achieve Peace and Prosperity inside.


Once we understand how the External and Internal worlds work, we finally understand a key element in our lives. 

It is called “Choice”. 

Anything we choose, creates a string of “cause & effect” events. Clarity of Action, sets the expectation of our individual and collective “experiences”.

Love and Self Clarity go hand in hand, we teach you how to Love yourself.


“Millionaires don’t believe in Astrology, Billionaires do” ~JP Morgan

Astrology has a bad rap – yet, nearly everything is built on the premise of Astrosciences including corporate logos and archetypes.

Psychological Astrosciences show the cycles of various energies of Consciousness expressing through You, the Family and Business. These create behavioural changes, and knowing how to transmute and act in harmony with these energies opens up opportunities of new experiences.


Everything in the Universe vibrates. Everything in the Universe is thus about cycles. Everything in the Universe is an expression of forces, which exppress through us.

Vibrational Astrosciences is the future of astrosciences as it combines Hyperdimensional & Quantum Physics, Vibratory forces, and Psychological sciences together.

It is time and people tested to help understand Oneself, the External World, ones own Purpose and be in alignment!


Entire world of business runs on Astrosciences. Star studded archetypal symbolism is everywhere!

Stochastic markets such as Stocks, Crypto, Industries, Weather etc are systems under the influence of specific energies working in cycles.

We bring you “possibilistic” models of large and small cycles based on the application of Business Astrosciences. This is fundamental to create an effective legacy, that align with short and long term investments including legal and choices.


Business families have a huge thread of religion wrapped inside, which eventually at the root brings them closer.

With younger generations adopting technology as their belief  system, one needs to guide them effectively towards religious values and bonds to keep perpetuating legacy.

We bring value to help younger generations understand fundamental religious constructs, the way they need to understand to nourish the same bonds.


Really, Quantum Physics? Yes! Quantum Physics. Haven’t we understood the biggest paradox of “External Reality” through the “Double Slit” and “Wave Particle Duality”?

What we perceive as “external” reality is really an illusion. Matter is made up of 99.9999999% empty space. 

We bring the best minds to explain this hard truth and navigate the most important basis of life – external reeality is not only empty space, but the external reality is inside our brain as. a holographic projection.


The story of I-Ching, perhaps one of the most important book of wisdom – is really about our DNA and the expression of Consciousness through it.

Our entire unconscious behavior is determined by this wisdom, and this is what Tibetan Mandalas have illustrated again and again, but sadly incorrectly interpreted.

We bring you the the original wisdom of the 64 CODON rings of our Mitochondria/RNA and the “gates” that create our myths and archetypes to know yourself.


What does AI really do? It is a “simulcrum” a copy of the original world. It automates the “objectivity” in our external world of action and work/business. It can never be sentient.

Now, what is Natural Intelligence? After all, AI will create a copy from some intelligence, isn’t it? Natural Intelligence is the blueprint of Consciousness that exists in the internal and external world.

We bring the world of both “AI” and “NI” to you to navigate and leverage both the worlds. 


Neuroscience, Nano and Neuro Tech will entirely change our future paradigms. 

What are the big research items? What are the results? What are the new areas of research and revelation?

How can you capture memories and interpret that with AI and Natural Language Processing to keep memories alive .

Imagine the immense application of the technology for generations to come, for them to “relive” you!


Archetypes and Myths are fundamental to our existence. They are not outside of us, they are inside of us.

Understanding Myths show clear understanding of the flow of energy, and the big need is to find which myth the family and the individual are leading.

Acknowledging and making peace with the archetypes and myths are fundamental to conflicts, feuds and repeating patterns. The same applies to their business equally. We bring you this wisdom to prosper and find deep meaning and purpose in life.

Health | Wisdom 


Explore the natural healing of the Sun, and the quantum properties involved to transform and repair our mitochondria.

It takes 10 minutes a day, and deep breathing that aligns with the heart/ universal cycles to draw this energy, store it and utilize it.

Benefits: Feel the energy of the body all throughout the day. You will have boundless energy without any drugs. Bring the power of health back into you by harnessing your body power and the quantum aspects of the infinite Universal energy.


Quantum Healing is a model of healing by professionals who can harness body energies in-person and remotely via a web conference.

These methods, are non-invasive, and exceptionally effective at not only preventing specific diseases, but also eradicating them entirely.

Frozen shoulders, Arthritis, Insomnia etc can be immediately solved with the help of this method. These sessions can be achieved remotely and requires couple of session hours with miraculous results.


Tantric healing is healing from the depth of the Mitochondria/RNA. Tantra actually blends the Universal Light, also called Solar Light, through the genes, along with the vibrations of the self/breath.

These energy methods can be learned through practice, sometimes dedicated practice to bring Power and Health Sovereignty back to the practitioner. 

We bring you the highest levels of the energy practice, depending how far one wants to go. The results and achievements will significantly shock you!


Currently we have a large team dealing with customized and tailor made solutions for business families.

Imagine a family member who is terminally ill, and/or who cannot communicate, but conscious.

We have the technology and services, including training to help patients with similar conditions revive their ability to express themselves electronically.


Cerebral palsy is huge subject, however we are in the notion that some of the non-invasive Neuro Technologies will be able to provide specific patients with the freedom of expression.

Our Neuro Technology uses sensors that measure minor movements or thought patterns, that can be used to craft words.

This method helps patients communicate very, very effectively electronically!


We stand for the “Freedom of Expression”. It is a natural way of Consciousness, and we are aligned with it. 

We are looking at other areas( ex: Autism), where non-invasive Neuro Technologies could help those who desperately need it, but can’t. We don’t just stop there, because we use Astrosciences and DNA expression to understand what is happening within the person in terms of feelings.

What We Offer: 6 mins video

We solve problems of the External and Internal world, with the forces of Consciousness, so we can evolve higher and live fulfilled lives. Few people do!

These Universal principles have certain laws/orders and is applicable to anything! 

We bring methods, processes, wisdom, awareness, laws and application of Consciousness to You, the Business Family and their Business. 

Outcome – Predictability, Accuracy & Alignment without a single point of failure. 

How Ecosystems Solve Problems

The future of innovation, synthesis and problem solving in the Age of AI will create expert based Ecosystems. A diverse set of experts, working together and consequently offering the ability to pool their wisdom to solve problems, which individuals or AI Machines can’t. 

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity partner ecosystem framework, which is based on Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

Spiritual Wisdom Evolutionary Framework

We build an “Evolutionary Framework” to solve problems. It is complicated, but works! The framework answers some of the questions – What kind of wisdom do we teach and apply? How do we solve the subjective and objective problems? How can enhance predictability, accuracy and stay aligned with cycles of prosperity?

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity Evolutionary Framework, which is based experiential wisdom of Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

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