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Solutions For The Freedom of Expression: The Next Evolution

We bring you exceptional solutions that use the Power of Neuroscience, Technology and Spiritual Consciousness. Technology alone can only solve a problem from the surface, but as a whole when combined with the laws of the Universe.

We combine Neuroscience with Psychology, Psychedelic therapies, MRI, AI/ML and Astroscience to provide solutions for those who desperately need the freedom of expression. From mental health, to terminal and stroke paralyzed patients, to children with Autism, to motor-neuron disease to name a few.

 Neuroscience Solutions powered by Consciousness

Project Eternity

For the Freedom of Expression



Our exceptional Neuroscience scientists have built non invasive technology ( hardware and software ) – an end-to-end solution for those who are speech deprived because of the illness. We not only bring the technology, but the complete solution from hospice care, training, emotional mapping, disability care etc. End to end solutions are centered around the patient needs, and we have it through this ecosystem.

Video explains our primary offering. Additional offerings are in the next section. 

Neuroscience | Solutions 


Death is the final destination for all of us! It is death, that hekps us understand that our lives has meaning. We give meaning through the expression of our senses.

Imagine the state of a person in the “terminal” state of life, not being able to communicate with loved ones? Not only is freedom of expression the key of life, departing without being understood is “true loneliness”.

We bring you the service (for families) that enables the freedom of expression to communicate and be understood during the stage of terminal illness where you desperately want to communicate and be understood. 


 While a lot is hype, a true shaman can actually help expand consciousness and release of energy for those who need it.

We take this healing to an experiential level that matches the internal experience with the external experience.

  How? By merging Neuroscience, Magnetic-Encephalography and Visual fMRI/ 3D Magnetic Imaging. Imagine, being able to record the effect of Psychedelic healing of the inner world being expressed in 3D visualization through this technology.

You can now watch how your entire body heals, store this experience, relive these memories and make it unforgettable!


We talk about business continuity, yet have no solutions for the “freedom of expression” and it’s continuity for those inflicted by disease, incidents and accidents that rob them of this most basic need.

With the help of Neuroscience, Chat GPT/AI and customized software, we can help those with Paralysis, Motor-Neuron Disease and victims of Stroke.

Imagine being able to communicate again and be understood. Imagine being able to make decisions, sometimes very important ones, which you thought will never be possible? Now, that is true impact! It matters to those who need it, perhaps desperately!

Experimental Neuroscience | Solutions 


Given permission and assistance, we believe the same solutions could be applied to enhance the communication of those with Autism, ADHD, Palsy etc.

It will require a convergence of research to understand the individuals mentioned – specifically Astrosciences that predict behavior, emotional flow and triggers and blend it with tactile research/observation.


 Managing energies and triggers are fundamental to Corporate Executives, and this also includes markers of patterns, stress and triggers. 

We have the technology, but thats half of the solution. We need spiritual Consciousness to manage the problems and create solutions. We bring you solutions that need no pharma medicine, but just your own Chi.


Most solutions in life is all about understanding ” The Self”. Sounds strange, we are really quite unconscious creatures not being able to bring our thoughts and emotions to life by “Observing” ourselves. We have not been taught the wisdom of Consciousness. Our Technology and Spiritual Consciousness services help you measure the depth of observing yourself and making peace with it. Thats Love!

Framework| Solutions 

What We Offer: 6 mins video

We solve problems of the External and Internal world, with the forces of Consciousness, so we can evolve higher and live fulfilled lives. Few people do!

These Universal principles have certain laws/orders and is applicable to anything! 

We bring methods, processes, wisdom, awareness, laws and application of Consciousness to You, the Business Family and their Business. 

Outcome – Predictability, Accuracy & Alignment without a single point of failure. 

How Ecosystems Solve Problems

The future of innovation, synthesis and problem solving in the Age of AI will create expert based Ecosystems. A diverse set of experts, working together and consequently offering the ability to pool their wisdom to solve problems, which individuals or AI Machines can’t. 

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity partner ecosystem framework, which is based on Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

Spiritual Wisdom Evolutionary Framework

We build an “Evolutionary Framework” to solve problems. It is complicated, but works! The framework answers some of the questions – What kind of wisdom do we teach and apply? How do we solve the subjective and objective problems? How can enhance predictability, accuracy and stay aligned with cycles of prosperity?

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity Evolutionary Framework, which is based experiential wisdom of Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

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