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Perhaps we may need to take a look at Health in terms of energy! We humans are clearly energy beings, after all.

The current system of health is based on Newtonian philosophies and thus mechanistic in nature. The Ancient world looked at everything through the lens of “Oneness” and that includes health. We bring you that wisdom, which may seem to most as either miraculous or incredibly spooky.

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Power Of Consciousness and Health

Project Eternity

Prosperity, Predictability, Accuracy and Alignment


Solutions Without A Single Point of Failure.

Predictable. Accurate. Aligned!

Wisdom first, application will follow – is our model. The world of spiritual, emotional and physical health is but one. There are really no magic pills, but the pure dedication to pursue it. We have the expertise and the model to accelerate the process.

We have three(3) models, although we have multiple areas. The first is based on Wisdom. The second, based on Energy and it’s application. The third is only for “freedom of expression” based on Neuroscience and Neuro Tech.

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Health | Wisdom 


Explore the natural healing of the Sun, and the quantum properties involved to transform and repair our mitochondria.

It takes 10 minutes a day, and deep breathing that aligns with the heart/ universal cycles to draw this energy, store it and utilize it.

Benefits: Feel the energy of the body all throughout the day. You will have boundless energy without any drugs. Bring the power of health back into you by harnessing your body power and the quantum aspects of the infinite Universal energy.


Quantum Healing is a model of healing by professionals who can harness body energies in-person and remotely via a web conference.

These methods, are non-invasive, and exceptionally effective at not only preventing specific diseases, but also eradicating them entirely.

Frozen shoulders, Arthritis, Insomnia etc can be immediately solved with the help of this method. These sessions can be achieved remotely and requires couple of session hours with miraculous results.


Tantric healing is healing from the depth of the Mitochondria/RNA. Tantra actually blends the Universal Light, also called Solar Light, through the genes, along with the vibrations of the self/breath.

These energy methods can be learned through practice, sometimes dedicated practice to bring Power and Health Sovereignty back to the practitioner. 

We bring you the highest levels of the energy practice, depending how far one wants to go. The results and achievements will significantly shock you!


Currently we have a large team dealing with customized and tailor made solutions for business families.

Imagine a family member who is terminally ill, and/or who cannot communicate, but conscious.

We have the technology and services, including training to help patients with similar conditions revive their ability to express themselves electronically.


Cerebral palsy is huge subject, however we are in the notion that some of the non-invasive Neuro Technologies will be able to provide specific patients with the freedom of expression.

Our Neuro Technology uses sensors that measure minor movements or thought patterns, that can be used to craft words.

This method helps patients communicate very, very effectively electronically!


We stand for the “Freedom of Expression”. It is a natural way of Consciousness, and we are aligned with it. 

We are looking at other areas(Autism), where non-invasive Neuro Technologies could help those who desperately need it, but can’t. We don’t just stop there, because we use Astrosciences and DNA expression to understand what is happening within the person in terms of feelings.

What We Offer: 6 mins video

We solve problems of the External and Internal world, with the forces of Consciousness, so we can evolve higher and live fulfilled lives. Few people do!

These Universal principles have certain laws/orders and is applicable to anything! 

We bring methods, processes, wisdom, awareness, laws and application of Consciousness to You, the Business Family and their Business. 

Outcome – Predictability, Accuracy & Alignment without a single point of failure. 

How Ecosystems Solve Problems

The future of innovation, synthesis and problem solving in the Age of AI will create expert based Ecosystems. A diverse set of experts, working together and consequently offering the ability to pool their wisdom to solve problems, which individuals or AI Machines can’t. 

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity partner ecosystem framework, which is based on Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

Spiritual Wisdom Evolutionary Framework

We build an “Evolutionary Framework” to solve problems. It is complicated, but works! The framework answers some of the questions – What kind of wisdom do we teach and apply? How do we solve the subjective and objective problems? How can enhance predictability, accuracy and stay aligned with cycles of prosperity?

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity Evolutionary Framework, which is based experiential wisdom of Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

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