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Healing: With Thought and the Energy of the Body!

Unlike today, the ancients used the power of the “Chi” or “Prana” to heal from diseases. The body is the temple, the temple is the Universe, the Macrocosm is the Microcosm, the atom is the Universe, what is within – is so without, what is above, so below. Alignment with Consciousness is what matters!

We bring the power of Quantum Healing of the Ancients to help you heal your body from several diseases that people suffer from. Yes- without popping pills, expensive treatments and frequent visits! The body heals itself using the energy of the Universe, once the energy blockages are opened. 

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Quantum Healing Of Diseases

Project Eternity

Body Heals With Intent and Thought

Michael Lamb Model

How Our Healing Works

Michael Lamb, has been healing people with his Quantum Energy techniques for decades. He has a special gift of accessing people’s energies via touch or remotely. He combines intent, Reiki, Qi Gong and other esoteric techniques to heal people from diseases. Find more in the videos below.

There are three videos to get acquainted with Michael, how he heals and the diseases he cures.

Video 1 of 3: Michael Lamb – Introduction

Michael Lamb QIMT:  How the Body is Healed

It is about the Spine! Yes, that is the secret!

Michael Lamb explains how the healing happens by opening the pathways of the spine. Thats the real secret. The spine connects us to Universal and Cosmic energies. The same energies connect all of us –  our thoughts and our bodies. Healing over 10,000 people is the real evidence it works.

Michael Lamb: Video 2 of 3: How He Heals The Body

Michael Lamb QIMT:  Diseases We Cure

Michael Lamb: Video 3 of 3 : The Diseases and the Cure

Michael explains the diseases he cures and has cured for decades. From arthritis, to frozen shoulder, to depression to sclerosis, he has helped cure many other diseases. Watch the video, find out if the diseases you care about are on the list.

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