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Project Eternity | Team

A Select Partner Ecosystem

We are about Convergence & Oneness! Not Singularity.

The Universe, Energy and everything – is One! There is no chaos. There cannot be and so is our model of wisdom. It is based on connecting silos & dots and then stitching things together. Thats why and how we build partners who form an ecosystem to deliver predictable, accurate and aligned solutions, others individually can’t. 

This convergent, synergistic and applied ecosystem model is the only way to solve problems in the Age of AI which will require immense innovation and subjective wisdom. 

The Power Of An Exceptional Ecosystem to Solve Evolutionary Problems.

Project Eternity

Human Experience and Evolution – Redefined

How Ecosystems Solve Problems

The future of innovation, synthesis and problem solving in the Age of AI will create expert based Ecosystems. A diverse set of experts, working together and consequently offering the ability to pool their wisdom to solve problems, which individuals or AI Machines can’t. 

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity partner ecosystem framework, which is based on Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

Spiritual Wisdom Evolutionary Framework

Once Ecosystems are created, the essence is to solve problems using the wisdom of Consciousness, Cycles and original wisdom of Temples. What wisdom do we teach and apply? How do we solve the subjective and objective problems? How can enhance predictability, accuracy and stay aligned with cycles of prosperity?

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity Evolutionary Framework, which is based experiential wisdom of Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

Team Eternity: Bio’s 

How We Build Teams

Teams are built on synergy and alignment to purpose. Purpose of what? The answer is Evolution.

 Our goal is to build exceptional teams in all spheres who deeply want to change the status-quo of human experience and evolve higher with wisdom of Consciousness by working together. 

We will forever be a small, unconventional, eclectic, responsible, ethical, innovative and revolutionary team that shapes society based on values and application of wisdom.

Bios of our team members are below.

Subhashish  Acharya(Subs)

“Bio & Journey”

For two decades, I have worked for and with the topmost Technology companies in the United States – Oracle, PTC, Dassault(Centric), Accenture, Deloitte, HPE, Dell, Microsoft etc in the field of building Ecosystems for Industry 4.0, IoT, AR/VR etc.

I am an Engineer and graduated from the Exec MBA alternative called PLD Program from Harvard Business School.

I am a spiritual & ecosystem Evolutionist integrating spiritual consciousness, technology & wisdom of the Ancients at the core, which is a holistic approach compared to only a technology, darwinian and nihilistic model, which lacks a soul and negates the spirit of being consciously human. Building on a repeatable “applied spirituality” template and incorporating it with generational cycles will create an evolutionary human experience aligned with the forces of the Universe.

I have deep desire to build a High-tech and exceptionally Conscious society based on the wisdom of our ancestors and pass this on to our generations for their sovereign evolution.

Subhashish Acharya (Subs)

Subhashish Acharya (Subs)

Managing Director

As a synarchist and synergist, I have the ability to connect dots and synthesize wisdom to create holistic models that create Oneness, Convergence and Powerful Ecosystems.

As a leading authority of exploring and decoding archetypal, quantum & astroscience based wisdom from ancient temples, I bring a rare insight into ancestry of a high evolved human race that lived 100,000 years back and aligned themselves with Cosmic consciousness.

As a specialist of Personal, Predictive and Psychological Astrosciences, I help people navigate periods of depression, creativity, karmic activities, Industry investments, AI & Consciousness and Cycles.

I specialize in building Intergenerational legacy models that fit in with the System of Wealth, future of Industry & Technology, Human experience and Spiritual Consciousness of Cycles.

Elizabeth Bagger

“Bio & Journey”

I am passionate about good, healthy relationships that serve the people in them.

I love dedicating my time to supporting individuals to create better relationships with themselves and the people they care about and with whom they seek to create things in the world.

I have chosen to focus my attention on enterprising families as I see the care, passion and commitment they bring to what they do and the many people this affects.

It makes my heart sing when I’m able to help a family connect better with each other, becomes happier owners together and make better decisions. This not only impacts the family itself but also the people who work for them and the communities in which they operate.

Until 2021, I was the Director General of a membership body for family-owned businesses and I have served on the Boards of many family businesses.

I love the holistic impact. I work with families globally and live a global life. I currently live between Chicago and Mexico.

Elizabeth Bagger

Elizabeth Bagger

Partner & Lead: Enterprise Family Business Solutions & Legacy Strategy

 I bring in rich experience of Family Business Strategy, Board Management, Family Dynamics, and exceptional communication dynamics between family members. I bring the ability to craft Intergenerational strategies by bringing together the systems of wealth and systems of spiritual wisdom to craft Legacy, Lineage and Prosperity for rising and future generations and manage governance when needed as a trusted advisor.

I am adept at understanding wants, desires, expectations and differences of individuals and families. I am equally adept at understanding the subtleties of relationships and root causes of problems and feuds. The experience in the dynamics helps me lead Board meetings, and align them towards their mission.

I lead communication between family units with elegance and grace to ensure family businesses adopt innovative solutions and run like a well-oiled machine.

Currently, my focus is to bring forward transformational strategies in the Age of AI. Technology is a massive disruptor for businesses and business families pervading organization structures and generational dichotomies.


Dr Michael Andron

“Bio & Journey”

Dr. Andron is a First-Level Grandmaster and Seventh-Degree Black Belt in the world-renowned Tora Dojo Martial Arts Association and is a Yoga Adept with almost 50 years teaching experience.

He is also a master of Chinese Martial Arts – Tai Ji Chuan and Qi Gung, with the titles of Lao Shih(Elder Master),  an Acupuncturist, Hypnotherapist and an Author.

Dr. Andron is also a Mohel, a Rabbi, Jewish Meditation teacher, and Theatre Director. He is also known as a synthesizer, a simplifier, a renaissance man, and an innovator. He is the creator of The EnerGenesis©Protocol, a revolutionary approach to breathing, energy, mindfulness, and personal energy effectiveness.

He has served as an adjunct faculty in the departments of psychology and medicine at Wake Forest University. As an experienced theater director, he developed and taught classes in Martial Arts and Yoga for the Performing Artist as a Psycho-physical Training Tool in the theatre departments at New York University, N.C. School of the Arts, and New World School of the Arts in Miami.   

Dr. Andron was also fortunate to work with Dr. Andrija Puharich world-renowned researcher of healers and healing systems. Their collaboration resulted in deep revelations of Dr. Andron’s effective practice and Quantum Physics of Consciousness.

Dr Michael Andron

Dr Michael Andron

Partner & Chief: Applied Wisdom of Consciousness & Mindfulness for Business


I help C- Level/ High performing business executives conserve and apply the energy of the body and consciousness to perform higher and live a life of balance. As a Grandmaster and 7th Degree Blackbelt, I bring this lived experience with immediate application, effectiveness, simplicity and grace.

I practice simplicity and synthesis. The subject of Consciousness is deep and unending. I lead the communication of this wisdom with other leaders in this space for Business and Families to build Spiritual Systems that can be adopted, adapted and scaled for generations.

As a Theater Director, I bring you the power of emotions and the flow of it through the movement of the body.  My approach and lived experience will help you act your emotions effectively at work and accelerate your self-awareness.

Finally, my deep wisdom and practice of Jewish philosophy and Quantum physics helps rising generations understand the true power of divinity in us. I help build a System of Spiritual wisdom for the rising and future generations in Jewish families, that complements their System of Wealth. This way generations of wealthy families can achieve prosperity and true legacy! 


Dr Mitch Holland

“Bio & Journey”

Dr. Mitch Holland has over 30 years of background in the Medical-Legal Industry and is the Executive Director of Vitality Health Inc, leader in medical injury. A 25-year former treating injury physician and medical evaluator for the State of California his expert knowledge is second to none.

He is a former Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) to Alaron Trading in Chicago, a former Sports Physician specialized in an Integrative care approach to health, and a Medical Evaluator for the State of California’s Industrial Medical Council. A Published Author, Speaker, and Hollywood Film Executive Producer continues to serve as a consultant for many large institutions.

As a polymath, he also brings in the world of Quantum Physics and Quantum Consciousness to businesses and organizations. His passion is to bring the humanitarian, legal and ethical angles to business organizations through these subjects.


Dr Mitch Holland

Dr Mitch Holland

Partner: Quantum Physics, Law & Consciousness, and Business Advisor to Project Eternity


As an expert in Medicine, Injury and Law, I bring businesses and enterprise families the understanding of the medical/pharma industry and the science of integrated medicine and it’s wholeness to extend longevity.

As a funder, investor and capital expert in the area of films, I bring the wisdom from movies, project management, story telling and the lessons learned in a decade long experience.

As a polymath I bring the wisdom from deep expertise in multiple subjects that need to be connected with Quantum Physics, Spiritual Consciousness, Innovation and Wholistic Health. The method of connecting dots and the synthesis helps businesses and enterprise families find clarity in executing their mission and vision.



Dr. Ujwal Chaudhary

“Bio & Journey”

I graduated with Ph.D. in Biomedical Engineering from Florida International University in Miami, USA. During my Ph.D. I developed different devices to perform optical imaging of the brain. 

Nine years ago in October 2013, my world turned upside down. As my wife lay mute in a critical stage on a hospital bed, all I wanted was to communicate with her. She was Conscious – but her eyes were closed and her muscles did not work. While she wanted to communicate, sadly she couldn’t and this remains the fate of many loved ones all over the world.

My desire to know her thoughts remained unfulfilled as she passed away without saying a word.

After her demise, I became deeply obsessed to find Neuro-Tech, Brain-Computer or Human-Computer Interface solutions for patients and families, who are or will sadly go through my helpless situations. It was a labor of love the helped me create unimaginable breakthroughs in the history of science.

I stand for the “Freedom of Expression” of patients who desperately want to communicate to their loved ones, but unfortunately can’t. To enable them with technology is my life’s mission!


Ujwal Chaudhary

Ujwal Chaudhary

Partner & Lead: Brain Computer Interface Solutions

I am very proud to say that for the first time in the history of science we enabled a completely paralyzed patient to express himself using his brain activity.  Sadly, the patient had absolutely no means of communication, not even the ability to move his eyes, yet had a highly functioning brain. 

We saw miracles happen as the patient communicated with our technology using just brain cell activity to communicate his thoughts. 

My work has been mentioned in leading Medical Journals, leading Newspapers, however unlike most scientists I find the deepest fulfillment in enabling my patients achieve miracles.

My pursuit of this “Freedom of Expression” for my patients that started 9(nine) years back helped me launch initiatives like ALS Voice,   a non-profit that raises awareness for families who desperately need this solution to communicate with those who sadly can’t.

Also, launching ARN Labs a visionary Neurotech company to help large business families find innovative solutions for their loved ones.

SunYogi Umashankar

“Bio & Journey”

Sunyogi Umasankar was born in 1967 in West Bengal, India. He developed an early interest in yoga, and by the year of 1996, he mastered the practice of Sunyoga, a method for connecting to the divine supreme soul by establishing direct contact with the Sun.

At the age of 5, Sunyogi got frustrated with all the misleading spiritual teachings he encountered and received a message from Mahavatar Babaji: “build a national highway!”. Since then, his life has been focusing on sharing an effective spiritual path for humanity.

Sunyogi has lived an extraordinary life. He spent over six years barefoot, walking across all the states of India with no possession, living long periods without any food, deriving all his sustenance directly from the Sun.

In 2009 he completed a two-year retreat high up among the snow peaks of the Himalayas where he had the fortune to meet for the first time in person Mahavtar Babaji, the ageless saint from whom all the Wisdom of Yoga has its roots.

Sunyogi returned to the world with more in-depth knowledge about Sunyoga and how it can be applied to heal oneself and the whole Universe. The message is to create Peace, Prosperity, Wisdom, good Health, unconditional Love and Enlightenment, for a future in Universal Unity and Brotherhood.

Sunyogi Umashankar ( Sunyogi)

Sunyogi Umashankar ( Sunyogi)

Partner: Meditation & Consciousness


I help people regain their health and vitality by helping them align with the energy of the life force of the Sun.

Unlike others who preach sweet wisdom of spirituality as means of consolation, I focus on applications of spiritual wisdom of the Science of Consciousness and bringing the deep meditation to Businesses, Professionals and Families. 

The Life force of the Sun is completely ignored today in our Newtonian and mechanistic society. It is the Sun that creates life, yet, we human beings do not know how to harness it for our health, wealth and spiritual evolution. I have myself thrived, days without food, just through the nourishment of the Sun.

I bring this exceptional experience to Humanity as a mission to help them find themselves and evolve while immersed in the Cycles of Consciousness.

Unlike others, I do not preach, and neither am I interested in follower-ship of millions flocking to a saint for their own liberation. I bring the experience of the science that is slowly being lost, which needs to be revived towards evolutionary times.

My wisdom, meditation and philosophies suit those who want to apply the science of spiritual wisdom and deep meditation in a practical and easy way! It is meant for those who are willing to innovate and align with the mysteries of the Universe!



Joan Wray-Niles

“Bio & Journey”

I co-owned, the First Black London Newspaper then called The Voice and directed the advertising sales. Over four decades, I was in the financial services industry providing assurance and investments for clients for companies like Allied Dunbar and Zurich Life.

As a mortgage broker, I became directly authorized and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority to provide mortgages and loans for home and business owners as an affiliate with significant banks and Building Societies in the United Kingdom.

 I studied in the area of business finance at North East London University.

Joan Wray-Niles (Joan)

Joan Wray-Niles (Joan)


I share about finding Love! Deep within yourself.

I help expand the heart, mind, soul, speech and with self reflection I guide with clarity and feel with ones being. I choose to teach these concepts gained through “extending” choice and self-awareness!

I use a discourse model that is based on sharing experiences in groups. There is no need to teach, there is only the need to discover, and I am adept at this model. This is the model of the future of understanding Love and feeling it. The door to Love opens from inside, and there is a need to peel back the layers that prevent it’s blossoming.

True Evolution of the human race is only possible with love for our Self, of not being separate from our External world. The separation dissolves as we have a discussion and share experiences.

Clayton Longmire (Clay)

“Bio & Journey”

As a former professional athlete, I’ve seen first-hand how unforeseen circumstances can demand a different path in life for you. A career cut short due to injury, coupled with family obligations prepared me for the ebbs and flows of life that afforded me the awareness of how pivoting and aligning with one’s purpose can be a catalyst for miraculous change.

These changes brought me through the various chambers of my own temple of self-discovery which reawakened true innerstanding. This would prove invaluable for the journey that laid ahead.

 Since 2009 I’ve studied ancient cosmology, celestial mechanics and their connection to our natural biorhythms. These precursors guided me toward deeper studies and adept level research that led me to Applied Astrosciences.

Some of the areas I have successfully applied Astrosciences are Blockchain, Crypto & Bitcoin including it’s trading. A bigger area I am currently focusing on is to bring this knowledge mainstream for business professionals so they apply it to themselves, business and finances. The emerging area I am involved in re-inventing various Astroscience applications solving fertility problems of couples in a non invasive manner.


Clayton Longmire (Clay)

Clayton Longmire (Clay)

Partner & Lead: Applied Astrosciences


I am passionate about bringing the applications of Astrosciences in various forms for Corporate Businesses, Business Families and Innovators. Everything I focus is based on predictability, accuracy and alignment with cycles of consciousness and rhythms of the psyche.

My niche area is to guide professionals, families and younger generations through the future of Industry, Crypto and Psychological cycles. For example – which industries would spiral up and down in the next 10 years – 20 years- 30 years etc. What are your most innovative times of your life, and some of the darkest times that you maybe headed for?

My current pursuit is FertilityDAO, a project based on the field of Astro Fertility. Millions of couples have to go through the pain of IVF to be parents. FertilityDAO brings the wisdom of Astrosciences, AI and Blockchain to predict and streamline the cycles of fertility for confirmed  procreation outcomes.

As a lead for Astrosciences, I bring a team of exceptional experts to apply wisdom of the ancients to all facets of life. My passion is to bring  Astrosciences to the rising generations, who are brilliant and need this wisdom for the big changes they have to face and find their way in a fast paced and automated world. Not being able to navigate the paradigm shifts can create way more problems compared to what we see today.

Kat Moulton

“Bio & Journey”

As a healing catalyst, I have earned a Ph.D. in Life’s Earth School. I know what it takes to transform lives and relationships. Having lived through sexual assault, medical misdiagnosis, PTSD, post-partum depression, and multiple food allergies due to chronic mold and carbon monoxide exposure, I understand suffering and loss. I teach others to turn those emotions into power and purpose.

Raised in an alcoholic and controlling home, I repeated the pattern of co-dependence until I left the toxicity to heal on a deeper level. I have three non-neurotypical young adult children and two adult stepsons. I relate to family dynamics from the inside out. I guide clients to communicate better and become more authentic in their relationships with friends, family, and business.

I have seen extreme darkness in people and situations. Some for years at a stretch! I have come out victorious every time, and with every situation I focus on the lessons inside the experience.

My mission in life is to help those who go through inexplicable cycles of darkness, without being able to communicate or being heard – so they emerge victorious and find joy in life.


Kat Moulton

Kat Moulton


Only a person who has seen, experienced and played with darkness in ones life for many, many years – will understand another person who is going through these cycles.

Sometimes people just need to be understood. It is so, so, so hard to find authentic humans who can relate to a pain and simply hear a person out, hold their hands and share their experiences. Tears have meaning, and so does authentic friendship. I aspire to be an exceptional friend for my clients when they are swimming in deep inexplicable darkness of life – in love, relationships, business failure, guilt, shame and loss.

There is an infinite difference between “empathy” and “sympathy”. Empathy is being – inside the pathos of the person, whereas Sympathy is simply – going with the pathos. What makes me unique is the ability to be inside of the pathos, relating to it, discovering the root of situation, the dynamics causing the pain and finally helping clients discover it.

However, first I earn your trust. Through our engagement, we cross the chasm together – to be fulfilled, to give meaning to our pain and finally be free like a butterfly with a new pair of wings.

Butterflies were always meant to be free. So are you.



Andrei Knight

“Bio & Journey”

 I have been transforming lives and assisting peak performers with meditation, energy healing, and Tantra for over 25 years, and along the way have had the honor of serving 3 royal families, 2 presidential candidates, corporate and studio executives, Hollywood celebrities, pro NFL and Olympic athletes. My specialties are combining ancient wisdom with the latest in modern science to help leaders overcome their blocks and make an even bigger and more more meaningful impact in the world.

I began my meditation training over two decades ago, studying under martial arts legend Stephen K. Hayes, as well as his teacher, Dr. Masaaki Hatsumi in Japan. While training with Hayes, I had the honor of serving the Dalai Lama as a protection escort and security adviser, and during that time was initiated into the Diamond and Lotus tradition of Tendai Mikkyo, a form of esoteric Tantric Buddhism.

Bridging the wisdoms of both the East and the West, I went on to earn a PhD in metaphysics and became certified as a trauma-informed therapist and practitioner in CBT, NLP, RTT, and HeartMath techniques, a professional life coach, and also became an ordained minister. In 2010, I was inducted into the order of the Hereditary Knights Templars of Britannia, and in 2014 I was invited to join the board of directors of the Declaration of Consciousness Movement and World Yoga Day.

 Andrei Knight

Andrei Knight

Partner & Lead : Tantra, Consciousness & Energy Systems


I focus on the Energy Dynamics of the Body, Soul, DNA and the Self. Bringing the ancient knowledge of Tantra to families to balance magnetic and electrical energies of the body through deep meditation, esoterism and mysticism.

I use the science of the breath, understanding of the mind-heart-body complex and the power of Consciousness to help increase their self-awareness. 

I use energy hacks and the science of meditation to regenerate energy to create peak performance for professionals.

I collaborate with teams to teach them the power of sensuality and sexuality. The energies of sensuality are woven into the dynamics of Tantra, however Tantric wisdom and Tantric meditation are far bigger elements than what people understand or have heard about.

I also teach couples on the art of using Tantra for sensual healing and psychotherapy. I also teach the esoteric elements of Tantric Buddhism, which is important to build a fulfilling partnership.




Kendall Aragon

“Bio & Journey”

I am a Spiritual Teacher who is committed to helping women awaken into their wild voices through Soulful Rituals. Born and raised in an Evangelical Christian home, I know what it feels like to feel suppressed under the deep umbrella of patriarchy, judgement within purity culture, as well as colonialism and the genocide of my indigenous Blackfoot ancestors. Having recently left the church, I now stand in solidarity to restoring the harmony within by accessing Shamanic wisdom, Womb healing, dancing, writing, personal transformation and avatar embodiment.

Soul expresses itself through dance, and I have danced for 26 years in various professional capacities, including appearances in the U.S. and abroad in London, on Carnival Cruise Lines, and aboard the Queen Mary. Like the wind that leads Pocahontas to her Grandmother’s tree, movement for me is the breath of life, the elixir of life force moving through me. As a mover of energy, a healing practitioner for those willing to dance, I desire to hold space for the erotic innocence of life to feel safe and free to dream again. Whether this being through ecstatic dancing, avatar dance soul transformations, being under the stars howling at the moon or becoming the avatar of your choice, all is welcome in the bosom of the Magickal dance.

Kendall Aragon

Kendall Aragon


I help couples find love in themselves by moving blocked energies through their bodies through dance and align it with the energies of the Cosmos. Age is not a barrier, not being able to feel the spirit of the soul is. The movement releases the memories and energies that causes the blocks, opening you to experience a new freedom! I am passionate about helping you experience the transformation of the soul that expresses through the body.

Soulful Eroticism through sacred rituals is my specialty. Sensuality lies deep in us, and our inability to experience and express it deeply prevents us from the connection with the energies of the Cosmos. I serve as a guide and a friend, always holding your hand with trust to lead you to realize deep feelings in your heart and soul.

I focus on raising the sexual energies to empower you to feel the ecstasy in the unity of Consciousness. I bring you the wisdom of Tantra to open your energy points to express sensations by feeling the movement of energy through your meridians and your heart. 

I serve as a catalyst to free you from repressed feelings, wounds and blockages of the most essential  divine “life force” energy of sensuality!



Suresh Sharma

“Bio & Journey”

I am one would call a Karma Yogi. Work and working towards a mission is my way of life and finding the true essence of worship of the divine.

From the age of 8, I lived with highly enlightened Yogis of the Nath Order in India near the Himalayas. While I was built traditionally based on the monastic order of the Naths, I have always been a rebel in my outlook and vision of life. Saintly verses read from texts do not make us spiritual; understanding our deep self does. Following traditional orders in the Age of AI when humanity is at the cusp of a big change, is not the way of the Divine. There is a deep need to unleash the human spirit and get back to basics to understand, innovate and align with the wisdom of Consciousness.

My guru’s in the ashram envisaged this big change to come upon humanity, and helped me experiment with multiple philosophies outside the monastic order, and also provided me the schooling/higher education in english – and this is quite unheard of in traditions.

Little was I aware that my gurus’ were preparing me to help build a plan for the future that will be later termed as Project Eternity. Currently, I am involved in conception, execution, ground planning and logistics on the ground in India, near the Himalayas at our site.


Suresh Sharma

Suresh Sharma

Partner & Director: India Operations Lead


Currently I am focused on a myriad of activities related to the ground where villagers have donated land to build Project Eternity. We have two sites, the smaller, dedicated to Project Eternity: Tantra, where we are creating an exceptionally high end experiential program to revive the lost wisdom of Tantra and preserve it for generations.

My role is Business Operations – from crafting an experience, to logistics, to legal to managing expectations of villagers to site modification. If you can name it, you will find me doing it.

I also deeply immerse myself in the wisdom of Tantra and ancient Shaivism related texts, the spiritual wisdom of Osho, which I find exceptionally accurate for the times we are in and revolutionary philosophic models of Gurdjieff, which is experiential and deep.

I am also a debater and like to expound the need for a new spiritual model that raises the self-awareness and consciousness in the Age of AI. The old models of thinking need to go! They do not accelerate evolution, rather hold us in chains and simply console us.


George Leoniak

“Bio & Journey”

George Leoniak is a Master Geometer and Tracker. His highly tuned pattern seeking abilities in the natural world led him to explore sacred geometric patterns that evoke memories of wholeness. His work focuses on uniting science, art, and spirituality. A passionate and patient teacher, he loves inspiring others to awaken their creativity with the transformative potential of sacred geometry, as he helps to grow an interconnected community of Sacred Geometers Worldwide.

 George developed what he calls Knew Geometry that has a mission of uplifting human consciousness by evoking a deep memory of wholeness by creating Sacred Art that emerges from the Heart. Sacred Geometry encodes esoteric wisdom and hidden mathematics into its designs stimulating an alchemical process that initiates Unity Consciousness.

 As a student of Sacred Geometry he has learned a language that speaks to his soul, and shares his wisdom of the art sparking creative inspiration in others while initiating a transformation of consciousness. Working with these geometric designs opens the door to the Great Mystery, and deep memories of wholeness can intuitively awaken within us stimulating realizations of our divinity and oneness with the Source of all that is.

George Leoniak

George Leoniak

Partner & Lead: Conscious Geometry & Innovation


I bring to life what you would call Conscious Geometry. As Consciousness flows through us and in the external world, it follows certain patterns, flows and natural ratios. This energy flow, which is self aware brings a radically enhanced approach to the designs of today and in the future.

This can be applied to many spheres of life and business. Product Innovation, Structure of large bodies, Organizational Hierarchies, Astrosciences, Logo design, Family constellations etc, and the list is endless.

I also love to teach “rising generations”, who by their nature are very innovative and have a technology first approach. Applying this wisdom to create finished goods enhances its elegance and makes it way more marketable  as geometry is a language of the Soul!



Dr Jeffrey Lidke

“Bio & Journey”

I am a Professor of Religious Studies at Berry College here in Rome, Georgia. I specialize in Śākta and Śaiva Tantra, particularly in Nepal, a land that to me feels like my true home.

My areas of  scholarly interest include maṇḍala symbolism and ritual practice, sacred geometry, the neuroscience of spiritual practice, art and spirituality, and the intersection of politics and religion.

I am also an initiate and long time practitioner of Hindu, Buddhist and Sufi spiritual disciplines. Through my practice I have come to see that each discipline is designed to harness the latent potential of our neurological system. Further, I am also a student of Indian classical music, particularly the tablā. My years of practice has shown me that music is based on a universal science of vibration (spanda) that is healing individually and collectively.


Dr Jeffrey Lidke

Dr Jeffrey Lidke

Partner: Evolutionary Tantra and Spirituality


I deal with intersections between the past and the future, religion and science, ancient wisdom and future neuroscience technology. As a practitioner, teacher and seeker – I can clearly see how spiritual disciplines were developed to create neuro-biological transformation.

As a student of Tantra, I have a vision to build a repository of ancient knowledge so it is preserved across generations. However much technologically advanced our generations are, they will need to study the science of the soul and transmutation of energies, which are all coded in ancient wisdom, geometry, art, sound etc.

Applying these disciplines through our 5(five) senses and the self( perhaps over 100+ senses) can bring new discoveries. and applications Understanding the Universal Consciousness operates in vibrations, rhythms, cycles and sound will help create exceptional alignment and fulfillment. The world needs sovereignty and balance, and teaching rising generations early shapes their vision for their prosperous future.



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