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Project Eternity

A design so unique, it deserves to be a collector’s item as an NFT

Project Eternity : The case for an NFT

An entire township ( Smart Eco Ashram) that is built based on Sacred Geometry – the Flower of Life

Sacred Geometry, Platonic Solids, and the Flower of Life resemble the Universal Energy or Chi. Remember – “may the Force be with you?”. This is the force, which contains the template of Universal Design that flows in every living being, the heavens, and everything that embodies creation and life.

Human Conscious Design:

The design resonates with Human Consciousness so that it serves as an energy grid of free-flowing energy. This has been known for ages, which is why the ancient civilizations built structures (which were, albeit, destroyed) that were precisely built to communicate with the universe, the astral planes, and other realms of energy through what is called Solar Light.

The Power of 7

7 petals signify the 7 levels of consciousness. Each petal is designed as an area of existence of human living and activity. Let us explore every petal of conscious living below for the purpose of the NFT.

The Unique Geometrical Designs for any Smart(Live,Work,Explore) Spiritual System

Unfortunately, most eco-villages do NOT follow the energy principles laid down by the ancients. Project Eternity is esoterism transformed into a design that resonates with Universal Energies, the Zodiac, Platonic solids, and Mystical energies – making the design unique to be a collector’s item.

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Project Eternity: NFT 1:

The 7 Petals

The Whole Project design – based on Sacred Geometry!

Project Eternity – the esoteric design based on Sacred Geometry, precision, mathematics, the Star of David energies, the Yin & Yang, the 7 levels of consciousness, the 7 petals of arranging a futuristic civilization and integrating business and spirituality right at the center.

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Project Eternity: NFT 1:

Petal: Crypto Building and area

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

Petal: Corporate Housing and Work Areas

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

Petal: Weekly Guest Buildings

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

Petal: Family Residences & School

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

Petal: Business Magnates

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

Petal: Presidents and Prime Ministers

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

The Bitcoin/Crypto Building

We have built an entire building dedicated to Bitcoin and Crypto lovers/enthusiasts!

Imagine a building that provides a physical identity to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency investors. At Project Eternity, we have designed a an entire building where Bitcoin investors live, work, play, build the future of Bitcoin for generations. We didn’t stop at the exterior of the building, but have designed the entire living spaces, starting from Hexagonal living spaces, to working environments and theater halls based on the logos of Cryptocurrencies like Litecoin, Holo etc.

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Project Eternity: NFT 2:

The Bitcoin/Crypto Building : Top View 1

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

The Bitcoin/Crypto Building: Top View 2

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

The Bitcoin/Crypto Building : Interiors 1

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

The Bitcoin/Crypto Building: Interiors 2

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

The Bitcoin/Crypto Building : Living Rooms 1

Project Eternity: NFT 2:

The Bitcoin/Crypto Building: Living Rooms 2

Project Eternity: NFT 3:

Spiritual Temple

A Triangular geometrical alignment of Spiritual Centers for Consciousness energy collection and dissemination  

The entire project of Project Eternity is built to work as a conscious energy collector and disseminator. The Main spiritual temple or Meditation hall is exactly at the center, with amplification from the three temples arranged in a triangle. The whole spiritual structure is built in such a way to spread the energy to other petals and also harness the conscious energy, which is released through the main temple. The structure of the hexagons optimizes the energy, just like the beehive.

This place is alive! Make no mistake. The moat of water around the temples stores the conscious energy of everyone and serves as healing structured water as well. Every castle has a moat of water, not for protecting oneself from enemies, for the main purpose of collecting the electrical charge.

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Project Eternity: NFT 4:

Build repeatable Ecosystems in the mountains

How does repeatable Spiritual and Human Ecosystem in the mountains look like?  

For human beings to live in the mountains and form an ecosystem, we have built a precise template that is repeatable. Geometry, People and Structures are energetic devices that affect the consciousness. The whole idea is to build a structure that forms a Toroid magnet of energy. Because of the precision of geometry, this structure can repeat with little change in the internal structures.

Geometry is everything! Thats when prayers(thoughts from the heart) work, the same prayers go on to affect others and the vegetation around the Smart Living Ecosystem. Once this design is implemented, an exterior solar ecosystem can be created to reflect light from buildings to central areas to generate energy as well, because of the parabolic arrangement of the buildings.

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Project Eternity: NFT 5:

Build Spiritual Ecosystem in mountain Terraces

How do you build a civilization in the mountains with existing terraces to maximize conscious energy?  

Mountains can be tricky, and water will always be a challenge if it is not carefully collected and harnessed to develop agriculture and other farming models. The structure below is the perfect model to build an agriculture-based civilization.

The terraces slow down the water flow; the drop in elevation of the water flow can be converted into electrical power. The concentration of the spiritual centers at the top and the roofs channel the water to grooves/channels, which can be collected. Mountain areas collect a lot of dew, which can be stored as structured water.

Civilizations need to start re-thinking about the challenges and “re-design” the geometry to suit their needs. Our NFT Design shows the repeatable model for challenging locations like these. Civilizations need to arrange themselves like a parabola or circle to accommodate residences and also agriculture(at the periphery) in concentric circles as it grows.

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Project Eternity: The Next Evolution

One Mission, One Vision – A new Frontier of Human evolution

I hope our mission and vision have helped you understand the Why and the How behind Project Eternity to rebuild society ground up in the most authentic way and the only way by opening individuals’ hearts to take responsibility for all their actions.

The Path, less traveled: A New Dawn

This is the biggest and the boldest spiritual mission ever on the planet. Enough is Enough. A new dawn is needed to prevent civilization from crumbling down – Towards Eternity. Project Eternity!

Support the Eternal. Support Project Eternity!

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