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Project Eternity | Why?

Crossroads of a Paradigm Shift Of Human Evolution

In 20 years, what it feels and means to be a Human – will change! Really change!

Most people perhaps don’t realize the big change that humanity as a species and civilization is about to experience this decade and next. It is a paradigm shift of evolution – from every idea conceivable.

Project Eternity has been conceived as a Think Tank, a Spiritual Ecosystem, a Talent Ecosystem, a Business Ecosystem and an Evolutionary model towards the future. Read on!

Evolution With The Power of Consciousness

Project Eternity

To Build A Society That Adopts Technology & Consciousness at the Core

The Missing Element

The Wisdom of Consciousness is NOT Darwinian or Newtonian

Our entire civilization is built on the premise of Darwinian & Newtonian models that inflate money supply, create control systems and move resources efficiently through normalization and meritocracy. Thats why there are so many problems in our civilization. The real problem is – We have completely ignored the Human side, the Cosmic Consciousness side and the Psychological side! Thats why, despite having all the material success and comforts, we are unhappy, unfulfilled and emotionally fragile.

Darwinian models treat us as a lower animal, with no free-will, no soul/spirit inside us and incapable of evolving until pressurized in a Zero Sum Game. Newtonian models are all about division, without understanding that everything is connected, convergent and united. Our actions, have consequences! Only by knowing that can we see the whole.

Success in society is defined based on the accumulation of material assets, fame and vanity. The bed, the looks of it, the price tag of it are more important than the quality of sleep. This utter lack and disregard of the spiritual side of humanity (which is so, so powerful) is only creating our own demise. Humans are considered as animals instead of Cosmic Consciousness connected beings.

The intent of Project Eternity is to bring “prosperity” to a section of humanity who believe in spiritual evolution as much as they believe in financial, business and material evolution. It creates prosperity at the core and solves the evolutionary challenges we struggle with.

One can have Wealth, Power and Influence, but only with Spiritual Consciousness can one have Prosperity! Thats the reason we launched Project Eternity.

The Revival | Tantra

Oneness With The Universe

The practice of Tantra was ubiquitous in the Ancient world. It was an exceptional practice, so, so powerful that the “Powers That Be” simply shut it down. Yet, they themselves practice it! Why? Because of the biggest kept secret of all – Cosmic Consciousness! Cosmic Consciousness means – that Humanity can gain an immense amount of power by aligning with the invisible forces of the Cosmos.

Thats why, the wisdom of Tantra has been reduced and degraded as a sexual energy practice. Sadly, the secret of Tantra is all about connecting our DNA Consciousness with Cosmic Consciousness. This wisdom exists, and we bring the wisdom by decoding ancient temples all over the world. 

The wisdom of Tantra provides an exceptional awareness and we base our spiritual wisdom of Consciousness on that. It is the only wisdom framework that creates Oneness, and the study of it has no limits!

As the world will start to buy into Transhumanism and Singularity is Near agendas and treat AI as God, we bring a much powerful way of evolution through the wisdom of Tantra. 

Here is a video that explains the power of wisdom in Tantra

Where Are We Headed?

If You Do Not Know Where You Want To Go – Then Any Road Is Good Enough!

The future is unwritten, and we are under a deluge of spiritual energy of Consciousness that is asking us to reflect deeply. We can only move forward consciously, when we self reflect at the mistakes we have made. If we keep repeating the mistakes, we will be back at the exact place as before. There are no shortcuts! No saviors! No hacks! What we have is choice. Whatever we do and direction we take, there are consequences.

Starting mid 2025 starts a massive “innovation cycle” that will last for 40-45 years. It also starts another cycle of Digital and Plutocracy for 20 years. This is the evolutionary cycle that is upon us. There are of course other cycles – Geopolitical and Generational ones, and they have already started. COVID was the starting point of these cycles.

We are obviously headed towards the Age of AI. However, we are headed towards one of the best times – humanitarian, innovative, technology based, ecosystem based, self-reliant based, rebellion based and systemic changes to change the status quo. This is the time to take the leap forward.

Feel to free watch the cycles we are observing. 2 minute video.

Project Eternity | Future We See

It Is Always a Small Group Of People Who Change The World

We see big changes in the horizon! We see society divided into 3(three) distinct sections. The first is a Technocratic and Plutocratic society. The second is a consumerist society. The former holds the strings to the direction of the latter. We see a third society, a powerful one, that focuses on Innovation, Technology, Business, Wealth, Power & Influence – but willing to evolve consciously, align themselves with spiritual cycles and wisdom, build prosperity at the core – to create intergenerational legacy and thrive.

The way Project Eternity sees the future is an Ecosystem with the third society. Our vision is to create and co-exist with the 3rd society. The third society needs Prosperity, which only happens through alignment with Consciousness cycles and which can be accessed through the infinite world inside of us! 

Feel to free watch the video below about how we position ourselves. 1.5 minute video.

How Ecosystems Solve Problems

The future of innovation, synthesis and problem solving in the Age of AI will create expert based Ecosystems. A diverse set of experts, working together and consequently offering the ability to pool their wisdom to solve problems, which individuals or AI Machines can’t. 

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity partner ecosystem framework, which is based on Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

Spiritual Wisdom Evolutionary Framework

Once Ecosystems are created, the essence is to solve problems using the wisdom of Consciousness, Cycles and original wisdom of Temples. What wisdom do we teach and apply? How do we solve the subjective and objective problems? How can enhance predictability, accuracy and stay aligned with cycles of prosperity?

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity Evolutionary Framework, which is based experiential wisdom of Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

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