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Petal 4: For Bitcoiners and Crypto investors and geeks

Project Eternity

Explore the living residences

Project Eternity : for Crypto enthusiasts

Project Eternity believes that crypto and decentralized currency are the future and suggest everyone use them for transactions on-premise.

We believe Crypto enthusiasts, geeks, security experts, and investors need to stay close together to build the next phase of applications, transactions and also democratize with other professionals in residences. Fostering trust-based collaboration is spiritual collaboration is a must. The impact is 1+1 = 11. The outcome is critical as it lays the foundation for the next generation to inherit and improvise!

The following section and videos take our Crypto professionals through what they can expect at Project Eternity. If you want to explore Project Eternity at a high level, click on the button below. If you want to explore just the living residences of this area, simply scroll below.

Living Residences: A Flyby of Hexagonal Living spaces

The Hexagon is know to contain energy, space conservation and collaboration and other conscious properties

Every living residence is Hexagonal. The hexagonal arrangements are such that families can open portion of the wall to expand the hexagonal suite to a series of suites depending on the need of individuals or groups or families with or without kids. The beehive like model can expand to as many units if needed to create scale. 

Living Residences: A Walkthru of the Living spaces

 The Hexagon is know to contain energy, space conservation and collaboration and other conscious properties

We believe this should be the arrangement of the living spaces. It is optimized for living; it is optimized for collaboration with shared spaces as well. That way, everyone is forced to communicate with each other, and that leads to collaboration. Project Eternity is not just a residential place. It is a conscious energy system that enables the flow of energy. Instead of Boxes of living, to Geometric energy structures that move the Universal Energy.

Living Residences: For Bitcoin Billionaires

 The Dome constructed out of Platonic solids is the “powerhouse” of Universal energy!

Bitcoin/ Crypto Billionaires do not receive special treatment, but they deserve a special location in the Bitcoin building. The living residence is a spacious residence with an auditorium inside for conferences and of course parties. The residence is built out of glass with a sprawling view of the mountains. They have dedicated spaces for meditation and conference rooms.

The Top View of the Billionaire terrace is below.

Living Residences: For Bitcoin Billionaires: Side View

 Powerful people need the Power of Meditation

Project Eternity is committed to spiritual change and life balance. Most people look at those with power and money in a disgusting way. We do not agree with that outlook. Billionaire and Billionaire investors also create millions of jobs for professionals that bring food on the table for millions of families.

Just because one drives a Ferrari doesn’t mean someone is not spiritual. It is the sole attachment to the Ferrari that we believe is the reason that creates the spiritual imbalance. Spirituality is for everyone.

Play the video to see a different perspective of the Billionaire Terrace.

Planning the Interior 

 Fun and Collaboration

Whatever we do, we put a lot of thought into it. The interiors are made in such a way that it enhances communication, team building and the ability to lead a modern life. The interiors are designed to create identity and belonging. For example office workspaces and auditoriums are designed based on Crypto logos. Spas and pools are designed with natural water and salt to detox the body. Plants are arranged to enhance immunity everywhere and trigger senses. 

Ayurveda, Bone and Body healing is a must and we use ancient wisdom only available to the Yogis in the Himalayas at Project Eternity. Have you ever wondered why the Yogis of the Himalayas live for hundreds of years?

We want you to live well so you can make a bigger impact in the world through the teachings at Project Eternity. Enjoy the videos below.

Project Eternity: The Plan

The Plan is – Transformation of the human

 Transformation is not easy though. Thats why Project Eternity and the transformational model is not meant for everyone. It is meant for those who want to make a difference in the world and would have already contributed in their own way. Their systematic transformation at Eternity enables them to expand and accelerate their potential. This time, their actions are governed based on spiritual intent, which reflects in their actions and choices.

No one buys their way into Project Eternity based on money power

The Himalayan Yogis who run the spiritual transformation are clear – money will never be the yardstick for their entry into Project Eternity. One could be a jewel, selfless in purpose with no monetary backing and they will be accepted here. Someone could be a billionaire and comprised of evil intent and malevolent purpose – and they are not accepted here! We thoroughly check everyones credentials and we reserve the right to accept them. We take responsibility of those we accept, so we reserve the right of their entry.

Project Eternity: Mission & Vision

A spiritually advanced, conscious, intellectual, and powerful human civilization beyond borders

 Build a new civilization amongst the 1% who are armed with divine wisdom to lead humanity to the next frontier of independence that restores balance in the world in the Age of Aquarius.


The mission is to build Ecosystem Communities all around the globe that offer a modern yet spiritual experience for generations through ancient wisdom – either through Smart Ashram Townships or through the organized Community of existing spiritual organizations that offer equal quality of life embodying the mission of Live, Work, Explore and Evolve towards the next frontier in the Aquarian Age.

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