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Explore: Conscious AI City

AI Cannot Be Conscious, But Humans and a City Can Be!

Whatever people might say – AI will be conscious, sentient, like a being – is incorrect. AI can only automate objective tasks, sometimes with excellence that appears to be a copy of something conscious. This is called a Simulacrum, a copy of something, that can be mistaken for the original. 

We designed a City Of Human Consciousness, where AI simply automates chores, leaving everything subjective to humans to innovate and be self aware about.

Our vision is to first build it in the Metaverse and on site near mountains/ley lines.

Geometry – the Language of the flow of Consciousness

The entire design has been conceived based on the Flow of Consciousness and Power structures of the future. Equality exists inside of the Human, as we are One. The External World can never have Equality. Everything is growing, decaying and substituting in the external world. The same goes for ones work, power, influence and wealth. 

Thats why we built the Conscious City structure based on the flows and cycles of Universal Consciousness. The language of the flow of these cycles are based on geometry, which is etched into our DNA. Scroll through the site to learn what each part of the city ( called petals) are dedicated towards.

With regards to AI and Intelligent Machines, they exist to run the entire city, leaving all the time for Humans to contemplate the subjective side of themselves.

Explore the City of Consciousness

Project Eternity

Human Consciousness and AI meet to create Alchemy!

Before You Explore

Intent & Imagination

The Eternity Conscious city is built on the exact alignment with nature and wisdom of Spiritual Consciousness.

The 6(six) star pattern balances the energies of the male/female to spike new creation/innovation through subjectivity. The whole design is actually a 7(seven) petaled construction. The seventh is unseen from the top and emerges from the center. This is how the consciousness of intent, creates new, at the center.

This city needs to be built on the premise of 3(three) elements. First – preserve, apply and teach spiritual wisdom at one place where people live, work, play, explore and network as families, although for short cycles. It is like bringing the spiritual dimension with the dimension of work for business families as long they stay.

Second, the world will become busier for progressive generations and their meaning of existence will also change along with it. What remains eternal is the flow of consciousness and it’s wisdom. One has to experience it through themselves and programs conducted there. Seeing is Believing (External) and Believing in the Unseen (Internal) are both equally important.

Third, order with no chaos is the future of the world, which is opposite to what it is now. The world currently follows the Darwinian model of Order out of Chaos or “Ordo ab Chao”. Instead, we bring Oneness in everything there for people to experience “e Pluribus Unum” or ” From Many, One”. Until people experience it, one can never make changes. The rule of Applied Spiritual (our model) takes precedence, always!

Eternity: Petal 1

The Explorers

For short-timers, who want to marvel in the design, they bring in the Mercurial/Lunar energy into the ecosystem. They experience the beauty of the area, the innocence of the villagers, the pristine glory, the ayurvedic medicine, the happiness, the intense meditation, tantric sessions, cosmological alignments and oneness in each breath… a quest to find what community living experience should be.

Scroll down to view the video!

Eternity: Petal 2

The Business Family: The Beehive

 Family is everything, and includes friends/well wishers. (Blood doesn’t dictate relationships of the heart!) This is a perfect place for small families, who have finally discovered there is a need to balance life with internal success and material wealth to align with prosperity. After all – “external” success needs to be balanced with “internal” success. (The Yin-Yang always needs to be balanced – it’s Universal Law, and applies to everything. We Humans sadly don’t understand it, and thats caused our downfall). The families stay here for a short while, rejuvenate, self-actualize, find love and peace, build networks with like minded families and expand their personal/business elements.

That is why we have created hexagonal structures that serve as their homes. These homes can open up to each other as people bond with each other as a community!

When we say Oneness, we start by slowly taking away the “separation” that exists inside of us.

Who are these people?

Many of them run exceptional startups that are well funded or have sold their business, contemplating the next horizon, and they bring their inventions/teams to this place for certain “bursts” of time. They volunteer in teaching technology and apply their innovations in the neighboring villages to transform and uplift the quality of living as part of their daily life. 

Live, Work, Play, Innovate… and Evolve consciously!

Eternity: Petal 3

The Infinity: The Inventors & Executives

 They are the Innovators and Executives of large/mid-size companies or run successful enterprises. They have seen the world evolve and have no interest in it anymore but want a rich life in spiritual wisdom/actualization. Life has taught them, success is deep inside. After decades of work, they want the new experience of the universe inside. How much can you travel? Or play golf? There is so much to be discovered…inside.

The Why?

They are clawed into their business, and they are slowly letting go to do something way more spiritually impactful for the rising generations and beyond including their own legacy. They help bring Technology, Financial and Political capital embodied with spiritual values to the next generation. They teach/mentor youth or business leaders remotely and groom them. The live in service for others. Thats the meaning they give life.

They are the Infinity. They have completed many cycles(roles) and now they want to turn into the Infinity loop of diversity, service, compassion, consciousness living and mentorship. They make the world run! Eternally.

Eternity: Petal 4

The Generation of Uranus in Taurus: The Cryptocurrency, Technology & AI Rebels

 The rebels, the believers of complete freedom beyond borders, the technology visionaries, the unique ones – Crypto, Metaverse and AI is their mantra. Life needs to be different from anyone. Conformity is blasphemy. We dedicate a “B” shaped Bitcoin building just for them. The design of the Bitcoin building can be found under the NFT menu. They have no interest in palatial living, they are minimalists, conscious about the environment, love to collaborate, the world is theirs, love their independence and want to have fun. Eternity is the place they spend self actualizing and innovating with teams from all over the world.


They don’t believe in living solo; they want to live with their community – but search the ancient wisdom and spirituality after being tired of enjoying the Bahamas and the exotic life that left their hearts empty. They are here for intense transformation, alignment and fulfillment. AI or Transhumanism can never create fulfillment.

Take a look at the video below

Eternity: Petal 5

The Generation of the Generations – The leaders of centuries

This is the living space of the leaders with continued legacy who have maintained their leadership for generations spanning several centuries. They have realized the next generation needs a change from within. They send their families to experience the spirituality of communityship early while their minds and hearts are moldable.


The cars, the palatial houses, power, influence and the wealth can corrupt the rising generation, and as many are aware of the paradigm – shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves in 3 generations, several generationally wealthy families are concerned about the future and how long their cycle of prosperity may last. They need their families & rising generations to embody the minimal material life, the maximum learning through spiritual wisdom and the rigorous discipline needed to strengthen the inner soul before they take part in family business. They have come to understand – Happiness comes from being You!

The video below shows the design of two “vesica pisces” as the way of living with several dedicated Spiritual centers for transformation. Why are they designed in the shape of two intersecting “vesica pisces” is beyond the scope of the website.

Eternity: Petal 6

The Powerful of the most Powerful – who change the world for decades

Wars will stop when we negotiate Peace by transforming world leaders from the heart, mind and soul. Yes!

In a world where world leaders are focused on external power, we have to negotiate with them to embrace the wisdom of Consciousness. Project Eternity is committed to bringing the world leaders at our premises for months if necessary to negotiate peace through the enlightenment of the soul. This is a necessity in the world right now!

Shouldn’t we ask in a civilized world – why is war needed? Humanity in general never wants it, yet wars happen because they are dictated by world leaders with their own personal agendas dictating their choices for a collective. Isn’t there a need to settle disputes in a neutral, and now in a spiritual setting? Shouldn’t we try peace differently then? At Eternity, we want to give this model a shot! No one has tried this model, and we believe there is no other way. Only when Dictators understand, they are all wearing chains – a gold chain, silver chain or a diamond chain are still chains, will they change! The cycle of Karma leaves no one. 

The Transformation: Political structures with Applied Spirituality

This petal is only dedicated to the most powerful, and they interact with multiple yogi’s and also children ( who serve as neutral but visionary elder/women/men) before they pull the trigger. Children below the age of 7(seven) have remarkable spiritual qualities, yet we hardly understand them. The below video explains the structure of living spaces in Petal 6. Whatever may it be, all leaders have to keep spirituality at the center and the design explains that.

Confidentiality and exclusivity comes together at Project Eternity. They will always be our mantra!

Eternity: Petal 7

Did we forget a petal?

The Petal 7 is the Central Petal – that holds everything together. Just like a rose, it is the stalk or peduncle that holds the beauty of the blossoming rose, it is the central spiritual wisdom of Consciousness that always serves as the guiding Light to everything – creativity, wisdom, conflict resolution, evolution etc. The peduncle is the womb or the matrix. From Many, One!

Spiritual Physics

The central petal is designed by merging Cosmology and Astro-sciences along with the Physics of Sound, Light, Magnetism and Electricity. It also converges the elements of Consciousness right into the structure with geometry. The details of the deeper aspects is beyond the scope of the website.

Check out our design below.

Project Eternity: The Next Evolution

A New Frontier of Human evolution

A new frontier starts with a vision of communities of power, wisdom and skills coming together to decide what the current, rising and future generations need to experience going forward. The current construct doesn’t serve the needs – it is imbalanced, egotistic, superficial, meaningless and painful. Its a construct that can be changed with deep spiritual wisdom and self actualization!

It is simple; yet we complicated things. The lack of adopting spirituality at the core is a solution to nearly any problem humanity faces. At Project Eternity, we want you to re-discover who YOU are!


At the end, it is all about “choice”. What a powerful group of enlightened people do today, paves the way for their generations. No need to change the world, let us change the “inside” first for select families and build communities. We are the products of our own expectations. Choice is yours! 

How do you want to build your own Legacy?

Support the Eternal. Support Project Eternity!

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