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Project Eternity | Join The Partner Ecosystem

A Select Partner Ecosystem

Imagine of a cohesive Ecosystem of Partners with diverse skills, personalities, perspectives, experiences and backgrounds bringing their innovation, aspirations and creativity for a larger mission? 

Project Eternity is exactly that. An ecosystem of highly capable, cohesive and skilled partners who have evolutionary spirituality as their core, want a better world, a better way of living, a better avenue to express their experience, earn a way, way better living financially, live an exciting life, be future aligned and then pass it on to their generations.

Scroll down, watch the videos, get to know what we do, what we stand for and check if you are a good fit. Good luck!

The Power Of An Exceptional Ecosystem to Solve Evolutionary Problems.

Project Eternity

Human Experience and Evolution – Redefined

Project Eternity | Next Steps

Follow The Steps Below

Project Eternity Ecosystem of Partners is NOT for everyone although you might have stellar skills and exceptional experience in your field. Before we chat, it is best for you to invest your time and understand what we intend to do, our positioning, our customers, their problems, how we craft solutions and above all if this is a place where you are willing to work collaboratively.

We realized – true spirituality is the ability to work in harmonious teams. One has to keep a common mission/purpose in mind. To gain big, one will have to sacrifice a piece of their individuality as well. Most professionals, despite their capability can’t let go of their individualism and replace it with interdependent individualism! They just cannot get over their own darkness and fears.

In the Age of Aquarius and the Age of AI – only ecosystems will innovate and thrive. Thats how we win!

Follow the videos below through it’s entirety, decide if this is the right place and if you share the common mission.

Step 1 | The Why?

Evolution, Human Experience & Age of AI

This video explains the big changes coming our way! We are at the cusp of several cycles that will change the course of humanity. We need a bigger vision, direction and action to navigate the change ahead.

After watching the video, here are some key points for you to reflect upon. 

First, look at yourself and your life as of now. Do you want more? How far can you go by yourself? Are you willing to make a bigger impact and do you see the bigger picture of the change up ahead? Second, do you believe in the mission and objective of the organization? There are things bigger than yourself, and that it affects future generations? Third, do you understand why the Ecosystem model is the only way forward – for everyone including you? Fourth – we focus on customers that have wealth, power & influence. They are brilliant business families, they are tough customers, but they will care more about what we have to offer. Why? Because they have a lot to lose! And they want solutions to their problems. Money and rewards is thus incidental, and will eventually happen as we establish ourselves. Remember -our customers have aplenty of materials, wealth, power etc, but can you deliver on your promises?

Step 2 | The Customer

Positioning Based On Problems and What We Need To Solve?

This video explains the positioning with our customers and the segment of our focus.

After watching the video, here are some key points to reflect upon. 

First, understand this segment. They are affluent, they are demanding, they are egoistic, they have problems, they notice it, but they don’t have the resolve to find solutions, because they don’t want to face it. In addition – solutions that are currently available are mainly band-aid that cover the wounds. They seek depth, to be understood where they are coming from with no judgment and authentic hand holding in multiple areas that connect with each other. This is the opportunity to offer scalable solutions for the entire segment. 

Finally, the strength is in the team work, not so much in just the talent alone. Since we are business family focused, we need to deliver flawlessly with grace and elegance. Integrity is paramount. Can’t be compromised!

Yes, one will need to devote some time in the organization. This is not an outsourcing game where someone gets the business and passes it on to you! This is a team game, and incentives will commensurate the model.

Step 3 | The Customer

Skills, Experience and our Model/Framework

This video explains the expectations out of you and that includes skills, experience, culture and understanding the total framework to a decent extent. The framework is complex, but decently accurate. Depending on your skills and experience, some of the topics might sound very different. That is also a great way to learn new things internally too. That is how ecosystems work!

After watching the video, here are some key points to reflect upon. 

First, understand this segment and the problems. Second, we follow the ecosystem model where at least 3(three) people work on a larger problem. That way, there is never a single point of failure. We deliver results, others can’t – at least as an individual. Our motto is – more predictability, accuracy and alignment! Thats how we can charge 3X, for creating 2X the impact. Obviously, it will take some time to get there.

Check if this aligns with you, what you want to be and how you foresee the future. If it doesn’t, you aren’t a good fit here!

Step 4 | Our Offerings

Our Business is About the Promotion of Convergence and Oneness

Our model will only succeed through an ecosystem of professionals that can deliver solutions. Again, it is all about the team game and delivering on objectives. 

After watching the video, here are some key points to reflect upon. 

First, our customer segment is a powerful one. They have material abundance, power and influence but no prosperity! They can bring the topmost people in the world to solve tactical problems. Prosperity, on the other hand, is a strategic, time consuming and complex activity – thats where we will always win! Second, highly paid stalwarts solving tactical problems work on “sprint” models, and usually, these renowned specialists cannot work in teams. The Project Eternity model is about running “marathons“.  Third, our model always returns more value – i.e. more predictability, more accuracy and more alignment!

While we have our strengths, we also have our own weaknesses! The only way we can be accepted in this segment is with a bigger vision and mission. Affluent people value people with bigger objectives and exceptional loyalty.

Thats why promotion of our objectives at the strategic level is key! We are all about sticking to the mission, vision and teamwork. If you haven’t walked through your shadows and darkness, you can’t and will never be able to work in teams. Our customer segment is very smart. They will see through you and your gaps!

Step 5 | Review

Self Reflect

Please check the final 2(two) videos below. They are 2(two) minutes each.

After watching the video, here are some key points to reflect upon. 

First, if you have gone through the entire section ( videos+text) – you must have realized we are serious about our mission and vision, and they truly are bigger than any/all of us. It impacts our children and generations to come. Second, we are open, creative, resolute and playing the model with our strengths. Third, we understand the customer well….. or at least decently! We know there is a demand for what we do. A big demand!

You should be very clear of this statement – to get something we never got, we should be doing things that we never did! You need to have a big vision/mission for yourself and for the future. Skills can be sharpened, but willingness to do something bigger than who you are… it comes from within!

Ecosystems is the future! Everyone wins!

As Steve Jobs says – “We are here to put a dent in the Universe“. It does take some guts to do it though.

How Ecosystems Solve Problems

The future of innovation, synthesis and problem solving in the Age of AI will create expert based Ecosystems. A diverse set of experts, working together and consequently offering the ability to pool their wisdom to solve problems, which individuals or AI Machines can’t. 

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity partner ecosystem framework, which is based on Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

Spiritual Wisdom Evolutionary Framework

Once Ecosystems are created, the essence is to solve problems using the wisdom of Consciousness, Cycles and original wisdom of Temples. What wisdom do we teach and apply? How do we solve the subjective and objective problems? How can enhance predictability, accuracy and stay aligned with cycles of prosperity?

The 2 minute video explains the Project Eternity Evolutionary Framework, which is based experiential wisdom of Consciousness and wisdom of temples.

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