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Eternity 100 Members

 Have you had enough?

Have you had enough of the Old World? It is falling apart. No Love. No Peace, No Happiness, No Spirituality – only dichotomy. We are facing the biggest upheaval of our civilization right now. We can play the blame game cards, does it do good for any of us? Why did we land up in this mess? Is it our duty or others to pick up the dirty laundry?

 Question is …What are we doing about it?

When Humanity and our generations are under threat, being awake is NOT enough. It is time to get out of our bed and take action. The Old World only appeals to us because…we don’t have a better alternative. The Eternity 100 program for members is a solution for those looking for that alternative.

We can either pay the price now, or pay the price all the time for generations to come. The choice is yours! You choose where you want to pay the price.

Eternity 100

In reality, the real problem is Spirituality, Consciousness, Self-Reliance, Collaboration and Co-Creation. Eternity 100 is the program for building Project Eternity. The 100 stands for 100 families or individuals who will be core members. They will Transform themselves first, Build, Own and Operate a futuristic living template that is centered around Spirituality, Consciousness and ancient Wisdom, with Technology, Skills, Health and Collaboration at the outer periphery, like a hub-spoke model or a circle.

Eternity 100 Members:

Eternity 100 Members are leaders and visionaries inside of them. They come from all walks of life and have deep sense of making a difference in the world – for a forward looking community that embraces, preserves and disseminates ideals of a better future of living and walks the talk. Eternity 100 Members pursue the philosophy for themselves, and pass it on to generations.

Next Steps:

For those interested in Eternity 100, please go through this website including all videos before reaching out. If required, watch the videos several times to be sure. We believe Eternity 100 members are destined to be part of the project. We have seen this again and again with current members. We have no interest in convincing anyone to join. You will also exactly know if it is meant for you or not after you have watched the videos.

Project Eternity is what they have dreamt of and by default will gravitate towards it. The Universe guides them through the power of synchronicity.

In reality, Eternity 100 members don’t build Project Eternity. It is Project Eternity that builds them. May the force be with you in your life quest.

Please commence your journey with the vision of Project Eternity and how Project Eternity needs to be built, where the design changes the consciousness of business leaders and transforms them.

Part 1: The Why:Eternity 100 Members?

We can’t organize. We don’t have patience. We don’t trust. We feel powerless.

Have you ever thought about why a handful of people control everything on the planet? The real answer is – they organize and work together, they have immense patience and relentless focus, and finally, they will give it everything they have got. They have different agendas that does not help Humanity at large.

Why can’t we have our own agenda? What stops us? If you don’t like what you are seeing, then we need to do something about it? Complaining won’t help. Focusing on problems will get us into more problems. We can’t change the world and what is happening around us. We can only change ourselves.

We do not need to fight the battle. Fighting is exactly what the Old World wants. Resistance is Assistance. We fight differently. We take no sides. We focus on solutions. We leave the world a little better for our children and the generations to come.

The Eternity 100 Member program is just that. 


We make the Old System that surrounds us ….obsolete to the extent we can! We create our own systems.

We build and re-build with a team of people. We learn to trust, cooperate and collaborate.

We sustain ourselves, build future of Living models that people love.

 Co-create the future and hold Power; Resources will then appear.

We focus on our children and the future.

Sounds difficult? Sorry, At Project Eternity we fired the Excuse Department. We can’t bring people who are full of “excuse” talent. Thats why we only bring those who don’t have that skill.

Next Steps: Assess Yourself – Shift Your Thinking. Find Your Why!

Watch the video below and assess yourself. Ask yourself do you resonate with the philosophy. Self clarity is where it starts. If you cannot resonate with what is in the video, Eternity 100 is definitely not for you. We wish you good luck! If it resonates, scroll down through the sections and watch the other videos. If you don’t know your WHY… Eternity 100 is not for you.

There is a saying – “Whatever be the circumstances, the Lion of the jungle never eats grass”. Live like a Lion. A million sheep will never be a lion. Be you, be yourself. Build a life that your family and your children will be proud that you did it. On our dying bed we would be thinking …we should have tried!

Part 2: Eternity 100 Members: What To Expect?

Solution: Rebuild a civilization, the right way, the spiritual way.

Please, let’s get off the blame game of they are evil, and we are so good. Yes, evil has always existed. They will exist as much, as does good. The universal principle of Yin and Yang always prevails.  If you want good in the world – get out and do some good for yourself and others. If you cannot, then you are agreeing to “their” plan. If you find our words harsh, wait till they implement their Great Reset. You would lamenting over it forever, for generations. You will have to pay the price…either way!

Sitting and listening to fear porn and evil agendas gets you nowhere. Words are cheap—actions matter. Re-assess yourself and re-check if you are a good fit here.

Why we chose this location for Safety and Security? What to expect here?

One needs to understand why the location of Project Eternity is the best on the planet for Eternity 100 Members, specifically in terms of safety, security and sustainability. The video outlines every angle and gets you acquainted. Check out the video and scroll down for the next step – i.e. how would Eternity100 members build Project Eternity. Do not forget to assess, if Eternity 100 is for you?

Part 3: Eternity 100 Members – The Business Model?

How will Eternity 100 Members build Project Eternity, and what is in it for the Eternity 100?

What is the Business Model? Why will we succeed? What is in it for Eternity 100 Members? Can we even make an impact on our lives? Can we really build a world that looks like a vision for now?

The key point is – Yes! It is in the Business Model? 

Most Ecovillages are not well aligned towards of the future. They are 50 years behind, although that model worked during their times when they started. The real problem is the lack of resources and the ability to build power from within the ecosystem. Project Eternity and/or Eternity 100 model does not have the problem. The model creates cash flow, resources, ecosystems, networks, implements technology at scale, and the bigger purpose of transforming Business Leaders and their families. It is a win-win-win. This way, Eternity 100 Members do not have to live like Amish people; instead, they follow their passion in their area and run Project Eternity end-to-end.

Next Steps

The section covers – the Business Model of Project Eternity to transform ourselves, business leaders, the outside world and also bring resources. Without resources, any civilization is but a poor one and a fantasy or nightmare.

Do not forget to reassess yourself. Do you resonate with the model? If you don’t, this place is not for you now, perhaps later. Please scroll down to view the video below and the next section that explains what we look for in Eternity 100 members.

Part 4: Eternity 100 Members – The Who?

The 100 – Candidature, Legacy and Skills

Simple criteria. You are mentally tough, walk your talk, and strongly believe in your dreams. You have the courage to brave the world, excuse is not your talent, and you have skills that Project Eternity vision can expand. You have a purpose, you are seeker of meaning, a lover of wisdom, simple, practical and resonate with the philosophy of re-building. It starts here. These are qualities you have learned so far, and your heart yearns to do something big.

You are decently financially free to bear the costs (for a year ~ $6,000 to $10,000 that includes food/lodging). We work towards optimization of expenses by making ourselves entirely sustainable.

You are spiritually conscious. You are kind, benevolent, secure with your emotions, give more than you take, have a strong grit within you, and have a stellar moral compass.

You have a pristine moral record. A poor moral record and a bunch of money in your bank will not help you find a place here. Sorry! This is NOT a place where you buy a seat. Never!

Oh, last of all, remember this place is entirely spiritual. It is a temple. When you are in this place, leave any big ego behind. You will be learning a lot of ancient wisdom and skills that have never been given to people on the planet by the Teachers and Yogi’s. It takes a healthy ego to accept them and use them wisely.

Next Steps:

Please watch the video and reassess if you belong here based on the skills and values. We promise you, Project Eternity will build you, not the other way. If your heart has the desire, you will find Project Eternity through the synchronicity of the Universe.

Part 5 & Final: Eternity 100 – The What Is In It For Me?

What Is In It For Eternity 100 Members

Eternity 100 Members own every part of Project Eternity. 49% of  all Eternity assets are owned by Eternity 100 and passed down generations. More is the video.

Watch the video – the rest is faith and destiny. May the force be with you.

Eternity 100 – Where are We Now?

We Are Ready To Start

We are ready to start our programs. The Gurus are ready, so are the Yogis. The cottages are ready – food, safety, phones are ready. The transformation is ready to begin. People will come when they need to come. That is their destiny. Most will come because the world will change for them. If you are supposed to be here, you will be here.

Funding is going on full fledged. Setting up land, agri, plants, knowledge capture have started.

Eternity 100 – What Should You Do Now?


Most people usually don’t prepare. It is hard for people to think the world will suddenly cave in. No it wouldn’t. Freedom is taken away one piece at a time and then major changes happen during chaos. It is coming.

Get your Visa ahead of time. Prepare your finances. Prepare your Legal etc. A Comprehensive planning list is the the questionnaire/assessment :

Can you refer people to be an Eternity 100 member? Yes, but as long they are the right kind. Just copy paste the link : 

What else?  Sometimes you need to think about – NOT what you can gain, but WHAT you can lose. When bad times come, you will have to make a choice. That is the Yardstick!

Below, find the design of the Eternity 100 Member HQ and how we will pull this project off the ground.

Scroll down. Good luck. Reach out only after you have gone through all videos, so we can chat. Ensure you have your Ikigai ready. If you don’t have a mission/vision/purpose, trust me Eternity 100 won’t work for you. Can you also be an Eternity 100 member virtually? Yes! When you come down to Project Eternity your contribution will be tokenized and applied to your stay at Project Eternity. 

Eternity 100 – Pulling It Off The Ground

How are we going to pull this project off the ground?

Hope is never a good strategy until backed up by action. Eternity 100 Pilot is exactly that. So how are we going to pull this project off the ground?

LAND: We have the Land and the mountains. We have the villagers in the Himalayas who want to welcome people with open arms simply because they are good in their hearts and see the value. The biggest reason for the entire village’s support is the leadership from the Yogis and Rishis in the Himalayas. They have immense belief in spirituality and in the divinity of life in general. This is needed to ensure safety, security, and sanity. Knowing that you are protected is half the job done.

SAFETY & LOGISTICS: We have a full-fledged team that is working on the ground. Suresh Sharma, Head of Field Operations, is already working with contractors to set the ground for construction. As a backup, Suresh Sharma also requests villagers to provide a portion of their home to the Eternity 100 when they arrive, so they are well taken care of.  In general, villagers like to take care of guests with love, gratitude, and cultural interchange.

DESIGN & COSTING: We are working on the design, construction, and other costs for the project. For the time being, we have Capital costs and operating costs. Please check the “costs” page by clicking on the button below. This page is always being updated.

ETERNITY DONATION MODEL: We have two kinds of donation model. The First is from the Leaders who want this program for themselves, their employees and their families. The Second model is from Teachers, who teach Business, Yoga, Strategy and Mindset to corporate leaders. Eternity 100 members will never need to donate. Can we start without building a single block of construction for the program? Yes!

VISA + TRAVEL: We will get your visa done and we will keep renewing the visas.

Project Eternity: Mission & Vision

A spiritually advanced, conscious, intellectual, and powerful human civilization beyond borders

 Build a new civilization amongst the 1% who are armed with divine wisdom to lead humanity to the next frontier of independence that restores balance in the world in the Age of Aquarius.


The mission is to build Ecosystem Communities all around the globe that offer a modern yet spiritual experience for generations through ancient wisdom – either through Smart Ashram Townships or through the organized Community of existing spiritual organizations that offer equal quality of life embodying the mission of Live, Work, Explore and Evolve towards the next frontier in the Aquarian Age.

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