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Donation Program: Protect Your Legacy!

Eternity Pilot: The 100

Peace in times of Chaos

Why Donate?

To Protect Your Legacy

Leave a legacy for your progeny and future generations

Chaos is everywhere. Financial, Educational, Technological, Emotional, Medical, Health, Vaccines, COVID, Forests are burning; the Rivers are polluted… the list goes on! What are we leaving for our children and theirs?

We have bigger crisis in hand – the lack of spirituality in the current generation.

This Chaos will be the future of Generations to come.

 Spirituality is the only thing that gives you strength during the chaos. Our forefathers built themselves successfully because they balanced Business and Spirituality together. The future generations won’t understand that.

Your Wealth won’t prevent this Imbalance

Imbalance is the start of the decline of generations because the younger generation believes what is told to them –  i.e., we are just a mass of chemicals with no purpose but to serve our Darwinian selves, instead of human beings with spiritual existence. For example – the current younger “technological” generation would prefer to learn about spirituality from Google, Siri, or Alexa than understand the principles of the spirituality of the soul from a guru. They would prefer to be excited about a new gadget that gives them the power from outside,  instead of seeking deep inside their soul and finding the power.

Project Eternity mission is to prevent the decline by building a system for the future generations.

Ask Yourself: Where are the generations headed?

What would be your legacy in the next 10 years, 20 years, 50 years, and so on?  Do you have a plan to ensure they are successful at business, at work, with family, and as spiritual human beings, so they are completely balanced and grounded? Do you have a system to ensure your legacy is protected?

Project Eternity is the plan, and your donations help protect your generations to come. Help us, help you!

Donation: To build a Spiritual System of Generational Transformation

Just like Business, you need to have a system of spirituality for the generations ahead.

If you are a successful multi-generational business professional, you know the value of a business system that builds your generations and thus protects your legacy. Over-reliance on technology, gadgets, and AI-based information corrupts generations. You need a Generational Spiritual System along with your business and family values.

Applied Spirituality: The Generational Spiritual Model for your Legacy and future Generations

Applied Spirituality is a new system where spirituality becomes a part of your life, work, and family. Be who you are, do your job, business, entrepreneurship, but learn the mysteries of the universe, the universal laws of spirituality, apply them to everyday living and make your choices.

Why is a New System is needed for the current and generations to come?

The current generation is an “information” based generation. They love science and logic instead of a belief system. They will never understand the meaning and reason behind ceremonies and temples and why they need to be spiritual. They have to be taught spirituality with science. This method is critical – and that’s why our old spiritual model of just knowing and believing has to evolve to include science, logic, energy, astrotheology, deciphering mythology, temple architecture, and real mysticism to make sure they understand the ancient wisdom left to us by the Ancients.

They can only be taught through answering questions and appealing to the WHY!

Project Eternity combines Business & Spirituality together

The Project Eternity donation program is being created for those families who want their generations to evolve, achieve professional and personal success, learn the mysteries of the universe, make an impact and then pass it on to the generations to come.

Explore the areas of your contribution towards the next generation at Project Eternity below.

Legacy Donation Program

We build the System; You pass it on to the Generations.

Imagine a time when your generations have a lot of money, they are very successful in business, but they have no peace, no sleep, no mental health, and do not know what love is? Imagine them living in the most polluted cities in high rises, drinking bottled water and breathing through masks and artificially oxygenated houses. Imagine the future generations having all the comfort of living yet never seeing a single tree or greenery?

Perhaps now you will appreciate the WHY behind Project Eternity!

The Legacy Donation Program:

Project Eternity will always be built in the mountains, in pristine nature, with natural food, sparkling streams nearby to help you pause and watch yourself surrounded by the beauty of the earth in its natural glory to heal yourself inside out. Experience Spirituality from all senses. Our system will transform you, your progeny, and the generations to come.

High-Level Structure of the Donation Program to build this System.

There are seven (7) methods of donation attributed towards:

CATEGORY 1: A Road | School/Library or a place of Learning | Residence | Meditation/ Spiritual Temple | Remote/Digital work with exceptional facilities.

CATEGORY 2: Aquatic, Agricultural and Ayurvedic Research Centers.

CATEGORY 3:  Non-Fungible Token to own a portion of the design in the Virtual space, a collection, or the entire digital 3D design.

Scroll down to understand what you receive and what you pass on to your generation.

1.Legacy Donation:

A Road in Your Name

The Road tells and re-tells the journey of your ancestors for the Generations to remember.

A road named in your name or your ancestors is no small thing here. It is a journey of a lifetime embedded in stone for the generations to see, reflect upon, and remember their roots. This is absolutely needed for the younger generations to be reminded about their roots, where they belong and the journey.

You and your ancestors have a story – of struggle, of holding on despite all odds, of building a business, keeping the family together when it is nearly breaking up, gazing towards hope when there is none. Inter-generational wealthy families not only pass on their wealth but their values as well. Wealth disappears without values. Wealth decays with divorce and family feuds.

At Project Eternity, your Donation works differently:

1. Check out the picture above. It doesn’t just mention a person’s name; the writing ( blurred intentionally) is a message to your generations – that includes your story, your journey, and your message to the current generation and generations to come.

2. The entire message is updated on our website in a 3D walkthrough for generations to visit the site in the virtual space for a lifetime – or eternity perhaps. This way, your generations can visit the location virtually from anywhere and anytime. The site (physical space) will consequently hold the banner for a lifetime so that your generations visit Project Eternity every year to recharge their roots.

It doesn’t end here. Our System goes way deeper!

3. We wish you and your family visit Project Eternity and go through the transformation program for 2 weeks or more at our location. It is free for you! Everything is taken care of. Just arrive, the rest is our responsibility.

4. You record an entire video of the message you want to pass on to your generations. This video will be on our website next to the 3D walkthrough and will be password protected.

5. We urge you to mandate your future generations to meet at Project Eternity every year for at least 2 weeks, but together and go through the transformation program as a family. This will be provided free of cost, with minor additional operational costs. This will be for a lifetime, in return for your contribution, and conducted every year. Yes, you heard that right – every year, for a lifetime for your future generations – eternally, if we can use the word!

At Project Eternity, we create generational impact: How?

We remind the generations about your story, roots, lineage, message, and journey. Our programs transform the generations to be strong and look inside themselves for strength; we arm them with ancient wisdom and power to stay grounded, continue their business, and find balance in life to achieve greatness. Bringing people together keeps the family values intact and keeps the wealth in the family.

At Project Eternity – we have built a “system” to protect generations through spirituality, eternally! Help us, help you.

2.Legacy Donation:

School/Library & Work

A School, Library, or a place of Work at Project Eternity is the value of “Industriousness and Knowledge” for the generations to come. 

We look at a School, a Library, or a place to Work(remotely and digitally) as a temple.

Most generations forget to learn ancient wisdom and the values in the family. You can clearly see the world and our current civilization are on their way to decline. It is just a question of time when the collapse happens. Most people think of a financial collapse, but the real collapse is a generational collapse of values and how they see the world. Your contribution prevents that and protects your legacy.

How? At Project Eternity, your Donation works differently – i.e., only for you and your family:

1. Check out the picture above. It doesn’t just mention the name; the writing ( blurred intentionally) is a message to your generations – that includes your story, your journey, and your message to the current generation and generations to come. This is set in stone, eternally for generations to come.

2. Your entire video message is updated on our website in a 3D walkthrough for generations to visit the site in the virtual space for eternity perhaps. This way, your generations can visit the location virtually from anywhere and anytime so they are always reminded about the values, and we will enforce it as well as part of our system. The site (physical space) will hold the legacy for a lifetime to ensure that your generations visit Project Eternity.

It doesn’t end here. Our system delivers way more impact.

3. Studying ancient wisdom is a must (thus the School/Library). Under Project Eternity’s guidance, we will ensure that your family comes down to the location every year to pay homage to their ancestors. They study ancient wisdom and some of your ancestors’ books, and literature passed down to you. We will be the keepers of your knowledge that always needs to be reminded to the generations.

4. Project Eternity will remain the location for families to meet for 2 weeks forever, every year, as part of this system. The entire family will go through our transformation program with all expenses paid, with minor expenses incurred during their stay.

5. Generational families also spend their time at the Work location to work on auspicious future projects they have in the future. They will have the liberty to pilot projects for testing at Project Eternity and gain feedback from Yogis about the spiritual implications and impact of the projects. The future of humankind is not just about business, but equally applying spirituality at every important step – i.e., Applied Spirituality to ensure balanced outcomes.

At Project Eternity, we create generational impact that sustains leaders:

Schools, Libraries, and Work locations are temples where generations learn to balance innovation, business, helping others, and finances through ancient wisdom and family values.

At Project Eternity – we serve and protect generational wealth by transforming generations eternally! This “system” can be duplicated to pass on the values and wisdom in generations to build future leaders.

A Note about the School

Please note – the School at Project Eternity is not a fake one to attract donations. Project Eternity has a mission, and education is a key component. Our school education is world-class and is way beyond any school curriculum in the world. The entire education is provided free for residents and their children through School of Internships (www.Internships.School); This is a futuristic model of Ivy League experiential education.

The same school will also be equipped with hi-tech equipment; The same school venue will also serve village children. The value of an ecosystem is that residents take turns to teach skills to children, those staying at Project Eternity, and from neighboring villages and Project Eternity staff. Everything we do is high-end and elegant.

3.Legacy Donation:


A Residence is the mark of simplicity, the humble beginnings of your family, and your eternal security of a home in chaos.

A residence is not really a brick-and-mortar structure at Project Eternity. It is your home – secure, humble, back to the roots, and refuge during times of chaos.

The residences at Project Eternity are modern, yet very simple, for your generations to experience humility.

At Project Eternity, your Donation works differently – and it is all for your generations to come.

1. Check out the picture above. It doesn’t just mention the name; the writing ( blurred intentionally) is a message to your generations – that includes your story, your journey, and your message to the current generation and generations to come. This is set in stone, eternally, and it will stay forever in your name.

2. The entire message is updated on our website in a 3D walkthrough for generations to visit the site in the virtual space for lifetimes – or eternity, perhaps. This way, generations can visit the location virtually from anywhere and anytime. The residences will have your family pictures, stories and these homes will be fitted with the furnishings you used at home.

Generations will experience being with you at Project Eternity. That’s priceless!

3. Your progeny and theirs will have access to the home along with our intensive transformation program for 2 months every year – all expenses paid, with some minor operational costs that may incur during your stay. This is forever. Yes, forever! So we further your mission.

5. Project Eternity will remain the location for families to meet every year for 2 months and experience simple living, conducting business-as-usual, and serving humanity. The home will have an entire video kiosk with your videos, pictures, and other memories to preserve the heritage. When we say we want to preserve generational wealth and values, we really mean it! What we do, requires effort from us! We just don’t want to grab your money and run away with it. Sorry, that is not our principle. We are Karma Yogis!

6. When your generations need refuge from chaos – financial, political, emotional, or any other emergency, Project Eternity will welcome you to your home. No questions asked.  They can stay in pristine nature, go through our meditation programs, and help them conquer the challenges they face in confidence.

At Project Eternity, we provide shade during the challenging times they face.

At Project Eternity, we serve and protect generations by transforming them, supporting them during challenging times, and building awareness of their roots and lineage. They will never be alone at Project Eternity.

4.Legacy Donation:

Meditation/Spiritual Centers/ Temples

The Spiritual Temple is the Heart of Transformation

Project Eternity’s mission is clear – Transforming the Generations, build and sustain leaders. It builds on the process of alchemy, an esoteric concept of amalgamating two opposite sides to create a new that transforms the individual. Project Eternity takes the business concepts of the West and the ancient wisdom of the East to build that transformation for business families.

The dichotomy of East-West, Business-Spirituality, Yin-Yang, the separation needs to melt away. One doesn’t need to wear an orange robe to be spiritual. You can drive a Ferrari, own palatial homes, own billion-dollar businesses, and still be spiritual. Spirituality is a way of life. The attachment to things ( like the Ferrari) is what prevents someone from the spiritual path and creates an imbalance.

At Project Eternity, temples, meditation centers, and monasteries are the key elements of transformation.

Project Eternity is a Live, Work, Play, Explore, Learn and adopt Spirituality as a “way of life” ecosystem. It is humanity’s next leap to evolve, as the current model of existence doesn’t work anymore for the new generations.

Your donation to build the transformation center changes the world – for your generations! It is a priceless opportunity for humanity and its future.

5.Legacy Donation:

Ayurvedic, Agri and Aqua Research

Health and Healing is the biggest Wealth.

Project Eternity will focus on three buildings dedicated to discovering and applying ancient wisdom to the three areas.

1. Ayurvedic Research – that helps build a “health ecosystem” with herbs and plants. The villagers in the mountains usually never consult doctors; they use the value of plant medicine and albeit live longer than most people on the planet. Studying that information to build natural medicine and healing would be the aim for residents at Project Eternity. We have to emphasize the importance of this activity to protect the health of generations, so they heal naturally faster, live longer, and consequently make a bigger impact in business.

2. Agricultural Research – builds a “food ecosystem” that is pure, with high nutrients and high energy in them. Food is always the best medicine. The value can be felt today in the age of fast food, COVID immunity problems, and the decaying health of children from eating GMO food. This affects the DNA for generations to come and can have a devastating impact. Original research needs to be done at the site to produce the best food the earth can grow with no pesticides, organic, and in nutrient-rich soil. Thats why Project Eternity will always be in the mountains!

3. Aquatic Research –  builds the “water and energy ecosystem”. Water is universal energy. Natural water in its purest form needs to be collected and swirled in a toroidal manner to collect ethereal energy to rejuvenate the human body. Project Eternity will apply the ancient wisdom of water therapies with the Yogi’s/Rishi’s with your donation to benefit your generations.

Your Donation – protects the health of your bloodline

At Project Eternity we believe in the application of natural remedies left by an ancient and highly advanced civilization. Their knowledge still lives with the Himalayan Yogis in the most uncorrupted form, which is why countless of them live for hundreds of years. We strictly follow the principles of vegetarianism, the natural alignment of the human body to the Zodiacal elements, and the earth ecosystem to promote health and longevity.

Educating, Empowering, and Applying this knowledge to help the generations is our key objective here.

What do you get in return for your Donation?

1. The research premises, building, and equipment will carry your family name. Set in stone, forever!

2. Project Eternity will welcome your generations for 2 months in a year. They will have access to all transformation programs. They just arrive here, the rest is our responsibility! It is our duty.

3. Any medicine/invention that we develop in-house will be named in your family name. They will never be commercialized and will strictly stay within Project Eternity and the residents.

4. Your video message to your progeny and theirs will be in the virtual space forever and also on-premise at the site for generations to understand the value of your contribution towards the bloodline. The thought that you envisioned their health needs to be remembered.

6.Legacy Donation:

Non-Fungible Token

Own an NFT in the virtual space

The designs of Project Eternity are built using the principles of Sacred Geometry and Universal Ancient Wisdom.

The entire land geometry, building design, hexagonal and octagonal geometrical buildings, and space planning are about energy and precision that can scale and fit any land size. Every Project Eternity of today and the future will be built based on the exact same design and model. Only the locations would change.

Non-Fungible Token

Project Eternity is so unique in its design and thought process that no other project to date has the design in virtual space; neither will there be a project that will be like Project Eternity, because we will never be a commercial organization. Our mission to serve you will always come first.

This uniqueness makes Project Eternity an NFT worth several $Millions. Please click on the NFT page for details.

Project Eternity: Mission & Vision

A spiritually advanced, conscious, intellectual, and powerful human civilization beyond borders

 Build a new civilization amongst the 1% who are armed with divine wisdom to lead humanity to the next frontier of independence that restores balance in the world in the Age of Aquarius.


The mission is to build Ecosystem Communities all around the globe that offer a modern yet spiritual experience for generations through ancient wisdom – either through Smart Ashram Townships or through the organized Community of existing spiritual organizations that offer equal quality of life embodying the mission of Live, Work, Explore and Evolve towards the next frontier in the Aquarian Age.

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