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Core Eternity Members Leadership Transformation Program

EternitY 100 program

Builders of Project Eternity

Eternity 100: The Builders of The Future of Spirituality

Eternity 100: The Best out of the Best, out of the Best

Project Eternity is Built, Run and Managed by the Eternity 100, a group of exceptionally talented, professional, diverse, courageous and spiritually evolved humans being. They are eclectic, the best out of the best on the planet who are committed to make the Project Eternity model work for generations to come.

The Eternity 100 form a core group and will go through the transformational program for a whole year on-site.

Scroll through for details. 

Please Note: Eternity 100 is by invite only.

Eternity 100: Transformation Outcomes

Humanity 2.0 – Applied Spirituality through Co-Creation

Humanity 2.0 is the next version of humanity, a giant leap from the current model of existence through Applied Spirituality through Co-Creation. Our Transformation program builds on the following components.

As humanity moves towards an Aquarian Age – the way we define Humanity 2.0 is as follows:

1. IMPACTFUL: Intellectual, in tune, and in harmony with nature and themselves, with a non-victimized mentality, makes a difference, is happy, kind, deeply cares about the cause they believe in, and has a mission for a better world and strive towards it with action.

2. KNOWLEDGE: Open to learn and re-learn ancient knowledge, mysticism, and esoterism, open to experimenting, a builder of things, asks questions, a critical thinker, non-conformist, non-judgmental, respectful of everyone, and believes in services to others as the services to self.

3. COMMUNITY: Respect one another, accept one another, no religious divide, no divide with race, color, etc., collaborative, independent individualism with interdependence where needed—the ability to organize for a cause or mission. Structured Communityship is key!

4. MIND, BODY & SOUL: Highly evolved, spiritual, conscious, aware of self and surroundings, powerful yet humble, low ego with high self-esteem, exceptional character, a warrior, yet a preserver of souls.

5. SPIRITUALITY: Understands their past lives, understands the energies of the Universe, the body, and the earth. Understands the principles of power through Mysticism and Esoterism. Understands healing – their body, their spirit and helps others evolve. Meditates deeply, finds meaning in creativity, and in tune with the laws of creation. Heals and helps others heal through plants, minerals, and nature.

We call this model – Applied Spirituality through Co-Creation, where spirituality becomes a part of your life, work, and family. Be who you are, do your job/business/entrepreneurship, but learn the mysteries of the universe and apply them to everyday living and choices.

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Eternity 100: Transformation Program: Part 1: Yoga-the union

A Step by Step Process to Enlightenment – the Real way!

Transformation takes time. Transformation takes a lot of time! These 3- day workshops, short-term speeches that make you feel good, etc., don’t work!

Transformation programs at our place are complicated, but it gets you to a place of absolute enlightenment. You come out of the cocoon as a butterfly. It’s an experience that is unfathomable but one that is worth every bit of it.

Remember, the Universe is especially choosing you as a Leader for the bigger work of Eternity. You will also be the Trainer of Trainers of the future. A six-month to a year of dedicated yoga, meditation, and building of the self-conscious model of Applied Spirituality will pave the way for the powerful future leaders of the world to emerge.


The Program:

1. The 7 Step Model of Yoga – a structured model that takes you from knowing nothing to a place where you are ready for the next jump.

2. Healing and Emotional Cleansing: One needs to look at oneself and heal themselves to open the gates of the path leading to enlightenment. We all carry a lot of baggage!

3. Past Birth understanding: Much of our healing needs to be in tune with the Soul’s journey through the past births and the karma acquired that reflects in this birth.

1,2, and 3 above happen in parallel, and it feeds into a cycle.

This process paves the way for the next set of transformations.

4. Union with the Elements: Earth, Water, Air, Fire and the Chi: This is where you unite with elements of the Universe, and these programs are conducted by trained Yogi’s from the Himalayas.

5. Fasting and Ayurveda: Healing of the body, the temple is where you understand that the human body is a miracle and knows how to tune itself to the Universe.


This entire program becomes a cycle you repeat every day and apply it to every facet of existence. The outcome is Power! The Real Power to change yourself, your ecosystem, and the world you live in.

Eternity 100: Transformation Program: Part 2 – Mysticism

The Real Power is when you know the Mysteries of the Universe – Mysticism

No great Power can be achieved without understanding the Powers that exist in the Universe. We teach these here!

For thousands of years, the Himalayan Yogi’s have kept these secrets under lock and key, only available to a few who have evolved enough to use the Powers the right way. They have decided to release these secrets slowly.

We don’t want to address these elements in a detailed way on this website, so a glimpse of it is here:

It starts with understanding the energies of the Universe. It starts with guided Exploration. Then comes the understanding of Light ( Solar Light) and Cymatics (Sound). The Yogi’s don’t just teach theory. They give you every bit to experiment with every day. Remember, Applied Spirituality.This cycle is followed by understanding the Mystic Arts, Astrology, and others. Fitting all these pieces together like a jigsaw puzzle is half the work done. That’s the real mystery. Then comes the practice of the Mystical Arts. To do this, the Eternity100 visit caves, work towards Dark Retreats, and practice these arts under the guidance of trained Yogis.

For a glimpse of the program, please watch the video.

Eternity 100: Transformation Program: Part 3: Ceremonies

Ceremonies are but actions that invoke the energies of the Universe!

Ceremonies are not mumbo-jumbo. They are energy in the form of the arts that triggers the energies to respond to bring changes. Rattles and Drums have reasons for triggering consciousness, for example in the Celestial Aether in the Toroidal field.

This is a huge subject, but for the sake of brevity, the Eternity100 will experience the following:

1. Ceremonies of the Fire, Earth, Air, and Water: 

2. Local Folk dances and ceremonies in the Himalayas.

3. Studying of Energy systems of Temples and their architecture and Yantras.

4. Moonlight dances and related ceremonies in the dark.

These are just a small tip of the iceberg that is being announced, and depending on the level of people and their evolution, a lot will be revealed. Please pardon us for being discreet with the revelation of details on this huge subject.  The more you want to learn, the more will be revealed

Eternity 100: Transformation Program: Part 4: Service To Others

Service to Others is Service to Self. Service to One, is Service to All

The more one contributes to oneself, and the more one needs to contribute to others. The Yin-Yang needs to balance each other. This is the fundamental ecosystem that needs to be formed, else the power destroys the individual.

People have different skills and energies. These skills and energies need to be channeled into the innovation of new devices, inventions, and the ecosystem of nature.

The Eternity100 chooses the “contribution tracks” they are in tune with to uplift their and the village ecosystems.

1. The Teacher: Teaches village children and adults.

2. The Builder: Builds homes, structures, supervises programs and implementation.

3. The Inventor: Invents new gadgets, devices, and technologies.

4. The Naturist: Grows plants, herbs, and crops and also takes care of the forestry.

5. The Healer: Works towards healing the body

6. The Businessperson: Who works towards helping monetize things and promotes the work of the villagers for economic development.

7. The Silver Tongue: Who becomes the spokesperson for the activities to the outside world.

8. The Policymaker: Who builds structures and governance.

9. The Operations Expert: Who brings repeatability to a functioning ecosystem

Of course, there will be more ways to contribute, and things can be developed on the ground. Everyone comes with talent, passion, and purpose. They need to find their purpose of service.

Eternity 100: Transformation Program: Part 5: Having Fun

Life is limited. Everything we do here is about having fun!

Come on! Who wants a boring life? 

Over here, you will find a life so interesting in every aspect that you will forever love to be here.

Folk dances, evening Discourses, Team activities, Comedy Nights, Visiting temples… everything we do here is for fun. Whatever we do, we do with with elegance. No profanities, no racism, no crap comments etc.

Reinvent yourself in an ecosystem that is made for you. This is your family. We are all connected; we are all destined, we are all one!

Eternity 100: Head Quarters

The Eternity 100 stay at the HQ

The Eternity 100 team always stays at the HQ away from the main Project Eternity site.

The reason being – this is the place for teamwork, experimentation, yogic transformation, planning etc.

The Eternity 100 team always stays together. The views below are the representation of how the HQ will be designed.

Project Eternity: Mission & Vision

A spiritually advanced, conscious, intellectual, and powerful human civilization beyond borders

 Build a new civilization amongst the 1% who are armed with divine wisdom to lead humanity to the next frontier of independence that restores balance in the world in the Age of Aquarius.


Our Mission is Transform Leaders and their generations so they keep Spirituality and Conscious at the center of everything.

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