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Re-Building Civilization for the New Generation by balancing East and West values

Community of Ashrams

A conscious civilization of Spiritual Lifestyle:  Live, Work, Travel, Innovate, Study, Impact the world, and Explore the world of spirituality and ancient wisdom – the modern way!

Humanity has lost its way, and needs to heal!

Where has Humanity landed itself into?

What are we leaving for ourselves and our next generation?  Wars, poverty, disease, a dog-eat-dog world with no values all in the name of commerce, survival, and greed?

Humanity needs to heal, re-think and transform by balancing the current values we have, but this time the spiritual way.

We need a new model of sustenance – a new societal ecosystem that combines the Eastern principles of spirituality and the Western values of commerce and innovation in the modern digital age for conscious living.

This is our initiative! Re-Think, Re-Build, Re-Start an entire conscious society for generations.

Ashram Living – the Modern Way!

A Network of Eco-villages and Ashrams – where spirituality and work come together

The next phase of conscious lifestyle for the select few of the human race is Ashram living but in a modern way.

Imagine being able to Live, Work, Play, Study, Explore the nearby world, Innovate, Create Impact and Evolve with Spirituality through Ancient Wisdom in the Smart Eco Ashrams close to nature?  You travel across these Ashrams every year and experience the world in the pristine form. Your children attend virtual school and special school that enables them to work on “experiential projects” to build their credentials early, turning them into conscious humans early in their life.

Is that even possible?

 Yes, absolutely! We are reviving many of these Ashrams / Eco-villages who are failing because of incorrect business models and bringing them together to provide a seamless experience to corporate customers and travelers. Why would you live in hotels, when you have a place for the entire family to explore and evolve consciously in these Smart Ashrams? Think different!

Our Mission: 2 years

Transform 1% of society who are passionate about building a better world for the next generation, adopt a conscious lifestyle by strengthening the Ashrams & Eco-village network who provide a seamless experience of spirituality and technology innovation for families.

Current Mission:

To build the biggest Smart Ashram in the world ( in Nainital, Himalayas ) that embodies technology for Digital Work, Cryptocurrency for transactions, ancient Eastern Design principles like sacred geometry, astrology, and of course spiritual living everywhere and whatever we do.

Is that even possible?

 Yes! Check out Project Eternity.

We are ambitious, passionate, resolute, and we know people like us exist. We want to provide them the opportunity to evolve consciously. We want to build Smart Eco Ashram templates all over the world for people who passionately believe in re-building a new generation. ( Video below )

Our Vision: A New Civilization

Build Project Eternity as a highly evolved Smart Eco Town in the Himalayas for all classes of society, who would Live, Work, Play, Study Spirituality and Ancient Wisdom, Evolve and move around other Smart Ashrams globally as a family creating a powerful, highly conscious, knowledgeable, and responsible generation of the future.

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