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Project Eternity :

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A different kind of Living

The world is in chaos. With whats going on, things will be worse. Unsolved problems that persisted for decades, create chaos.

Where WE sit, depends on where WE stand. We need to solve it now, else it will continue and blow out of proportions. Our children bear the brunt of it.

Project eternity is a powerful community of exceptional people who live together, have a passion to establish a new meaning in life, solve the problems as they come, learn from it and pass the leadership on to the generations to evolve into a highly close knit, powerful, intellectual and spiritual human race.

The below explains the new horizon of living.

Living Residences: A Flyby of Hexagonal Living spaces

The Hexagon is know to contain energy, space conservation and collaboration and other conscious properties

Every living residence is Hexagonal. The hexagonal arrangements are such that families can open portion of the wall to expand the hexagonal suite to a series of suites depending on the need of individuals or groups or families with or without kids. The beehive like model can expand to as many units if needed to create scale. 

Living Residences: A Walkthru of the Living spaces

 The Hexagon is know to contain energy, space conservation and collaboration and other conscious properties

We believe this should be the arrangement of the living spaces. It is optimized for living; it is optimized for collaboration with shared spaces as well. That way, everyone is forced to communicate with each other, and that leads to collaboration. Project Eternity is not just a residential place. It is a conscious energy system that enables the flow of energy. Instead of Boxes of living, to Geometric energy structures that move the Universal Energy.

Project Eternity Global: Spiritual Ecosystem

Extend the Spiritual Ecosystem by bringing the Individual Eco Villages and Spiritual Villages together under one banner – through Unity,  One Mission, and One Vision. Unity in Diversity is the key.

 The biggest challenge among the Good people in society is – they operate alone. They are individualists; they take pride in what they do, don’t share their learnings, and do not cooperate or solve their differences. The ego comes in the way! 

Evil triumphs because it can organize; the Good, unfortunately, operates in pockets.

No doubt, Evil has always won in this spiritual war of all root races. Centuries of history have shown how the Good is obliterated systematically because of their incapacity to relegate their differences and work together for a bigger mission!

Individualism doesn’t work in the Age of Aquarius.

Only Communityship and Interdependent Individualism does. You either work together with one mission and purpose, or you perish from the imbalance. The Good needs to learn from Evil as well, and thats the real spiritual evolution.

Learn from it, but don’t be part of their agendas. That is precisely why all the Eco Village and Spiritual villages need to evolve and come together under one banner and cooperate – albeit without losing their individualism. Project Eternity will go to individual Corporations to sponsor leaders to go around these Global Ashrams for a specialized spiritual experience that is hardly available in a coordinated manner. A win-win-win for all.

That’s our Global Mission! Active Spirituality. One Mission. One Vision.

Project Eternity: Initiators

The Rishis, Yogis, and Sages of India are the initiators and the project leaders.

 India is the abode of spirituality. India still upholds true and unadulterated knowledge. Thousands of years of conquest after conquest have shown India’s importance – that it has something that others desire yet don’t have it.

The true ancient knowledge lives with the Rishis, Yogis, and the Siddhas, who have protected this knowledge from evil influence.

They have for centuries lived in the Himalayas away from modern society. They have passed on the ancient traditions from one disciple to the other but have observed the modern world from a distance.

But, not anymore. They see a new kind of humanity in evolution and want to lead this change globally.

The Global Ashram Network: The Next Spiritual Evolution

Yogis and Rishis are the ones who see the future clearly. They have seen the next evolution of humanity in the Smart Ashram Ecosystems, where a handful of societies lead the path for the rest of humanity to adopt.

The younger Yogis have been instructed to lead this change for the next phase of society – a modern, conscious, intellectual, and highly technology savvy cooperative society that embodies true spirituality.

The people live and work in the Ashrams, build their own network and political structure, and travel from one Smart Ashram to the other, impacting thousands of people around the ashrams to build a revolution.

That is the vision of the Sages of India.

Project Eternity: Mission & Vision

A spiritually advanced, conscious, intellectual, and powerful human civilization beyond borders

 Build a new civilization amongst the 1% who are armed with divine wisdom to lead humanity to the next frontier of independence that restores balance in the world in the Age of Aquarius.


The mission is to build Ecosystem Communities all around the globe that offer a modern yet spiritual experience for generations through ancient wisdom – either through Smart Ashram Townships or through the organized Community of existing spiritual organizations that offer equal quality of life embodying the mission of Live, Work, Explore and Evolve towards the next frontier in the Aquarian Age.

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