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Eco-Community Unity for the Futuristic ones

Project Eternity

Building a Network of Futuristic Ecovillages

Unity: Is Immunity: Is Opportunity

Community of Select Ecovillages

What worked for ecovillages in the past may not work for the ecovillages now as technology and generations evolve and with post COVID we have an entirely new generation. Several ecovillages that may have futuristic ideas to grow are always resource crunched. It is a giant paradox that can either create a Future of Living template for future generations, or spiral the entire ecovillage down to a subsistence level in a world that is headed towards a monumental shift. In that is the opportunity for ambitious eco-communities!

The Plan

We need a new conscious business model that can help create resources, align with a futuristic ecovillage plan and also create value for the ones who have the resources and need what eco-communities have with some minor changes. That way ecovillages can be tuned towards generations of the future. Change is the only constant thing in the Universe, and those who change can also ride the waves of change.

Next Steps: The Massive Opportunity

There are two sections below. The first section explains the problems and possible solutions for ecovillages to gather more resources (8 minutes) by changing their model . The second explains the details of both, with an emphasis on the solution, $ resources and potential(30 minutes).


If you like the first video, please proceed to the second video that covers the business plan. If the idea doesn’t resonate, we understand; please refer those who maybe benefited if you can. Our model is to build a network of futuristic eco-communities who look towards the future in terms of experience, technology and resources.

If you feel the business model has merit, please reach out to us so we could build a plan together: Email: connect @ eternity .eco for a discussion. Please check out the videos below.

Part 1: The Problem: Is the Opportunity (It Is!)

What is the Future of Ecovillages and Eco-Communities

As we move towards the Age of Aquarius, the rules of living change. The problems of the past become bigger, and what worked in the past don’t work anymore.

Society today is different. Generations have changed, problems have changed, the audience looking to build conscious communities have changed, and purse strings have changed as well. That is really the opportunity for eco-communities who are future focused

Massive Opportunities for Eco-Communities

Please watch the video(8 minutes). If you like it, please go to the detailed business plan. Scroll down to the next section.

Part 2: The Business Plan: Are you Aligned?

What is the New Opportunity?

What is a new business model can be created that actually benefits everyone. Please go through the detailed Business Plan.

This covers solutions for eco-communities and ecovillages and building a new conscious business model that provides resources for eco-communities. Before that, we need to understand the problems that eco-communities face today.

Next Steps

Please watch the video(30 minutes). If you like it, please reach out to us at connect @ eternity dot eco. Let’s chat! If you don’t like it, we understand, please refer those futuristic communities who might benefit from it.

Project Eternity: Initiators

The Rishis, Yogis, and Sages of India are the initiators and the project leaders.

 India is the abode of spirituality. India still upholds true and unadulterated knowledge. Thousands of years of conquest after conquest have shown India’s importance – that it has something that others desire yet don’t have it.

The true ancient knowledge lives with the Rishis, Yogis, and the Siddhas, who have protected this knowledge from evil influence.

They have for centuries lived in the Himalayas away from modern society. They have passed on the ancient traditions from one disciple to the other but have observed the modern world from a distance.

But, not anymore. They see a new kind of humanity in evolution and want to lead this change globally.

The Global Ashram Network: The Next Spiritual Evolution

Yogis and Rishis are the ones who see the future clearly. They have seen the next evolution of humanity in the Smart Ashram Ecosystems, where a handful of societies lead the path for the rest of humanity to adopt.

The younger Yogis have been instructed to lead this change for the next phase of society – a modern, conscious, intellectual, and highly technology savvy cooperative society that embodies true spirituality.

The people live and work in the Ashrams, build their own network and political structure, and travel from one Smart Ashram to the other, impacting thousands of people around the ashrams to build a revolution.

That is the vision of the Sages of India.

Project Eternity: Mission & Vision

A spiritually advanced, conscious, intellectual, and powerful human civilization beyond borders

 Build a new civilization amongst the 1% who are armed with divine wisdom to lead humanity to the next frontier of independence that restores balance in the world in the Age of Aquarius.


The mission is to build Ecosystem Communities all around the globe that offer a modern yet spiritual experience for generations through ancient wisdom – either through Smart Ashram Townships or through the organized Community of existing spiritual organizations that offer equal quality of life embodying the mission of Live, Work, Explore and Evolve towards the next frontier in the Aquarian Age.

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